Sikhs and Hindus

    Proposed Topics

  • The Word ‘Hindu’
  • Hindu religion or Hindu Society
  • Vedas, Hindus and Sikhs
  • Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib and Hindus
  • Hindu-Sikh Relations in 1469 to 1708
  • The revolt of 1857 and Sikhs
  • Sikh-Hindu relations during British rule
  • Sikh-Hindu relations during Punjabi state movement
  • Ram Raj and Khalsa Raj
  • Sahajdhari
  • Hindu-Sikh Unity
  • Future of Hindus and Sikhs
  • Hindus and Sikhs abroad

7 thoughts on “Sikhs and Hindus

  1. vijaydeep Singh


    Bandhu Manu Ji,

    Well kindly see the site as there could be many a people who keep hairs but are not Sikhs.And likwise we have have term Sahijdhari ie slow adopters who while becoming a Sikh are yet to keep hairs.

    Coming to poltics in Gurudwara.Bhai this is kali Kal or evil era.Faith in God who is same for Holy Vedas,Holy Kuran ,Holy Bible and Holy Gurbani makes us free from evil.

    Das has Hindu parents but has no problems with that.But there is differance between his old Hindu and present Sikh Preception of God has changed.

    anyway Khatris making thier child a Sikh was more to do with mechism to let there be a link to the new Sikh rulers so they discontinued thier practise once Sikhs were weak.

    Real Sikhs are what we call Vanchit and Vanvasis(Dalits and Tribals) since the time of Guru.Khatris becoming Sikhs so the conversion of jatts(das has mix parentage of both of them) has lead to thier bringin thier own tribal culture and poltics in Gurudwaras is one of best proof of that.Thier antagosim of Shri Dasham Granth Sahib ,by calling it vulger is also offfence of upper caste to lower castes.

    As yourself be with us for long like das himslef,you will know many a things about Sikhism.But firt thing to be known is God of Sikhs.Which makes us no longer a Hindu(Indian) or Pakistani or African as God is also free from Natioanlities.

    As per Purush Sukt of Yajurveda that lives in all.Akal Bless.


    I affirmly feel that nowadays when religious ‘ahankaar’ is on topmost these types of positive efforts should be popularize so that ‘SANJIWALTA’ should be spread in its true meanings.

    welldone !
    Keep it up !

  3. Manu

    I do not want to Offend the “New Sikh” that I wrote “Hindus (Keshdari and Non-Keshdari). I am just trying to point out we all are one as The 11 Gurus (10 Manas Guru and 11th Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) have always pointed out.
    Go to any part of world and you will See “hindus” going to
    Gurudawra (at the door of Guru) and “Sikhs” going to temple.

    10 Mans Gurus and 11th Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji are teaching about love and being one not I am different than
    you. They are teaching about one God. If God is one than how we all Indians can be different.

    Today “Sikhs” are at a fork where they decided what happens to Dharm (as wished and taught by Gurus). You can follow the leader and call yourself “sikh” in the name only.


    You can FOLLOW 11 Gurus. You can follow the path shown by example by the Gurus. The path of love, giving protection,
    kindness, devotion and selflessness.

    If any reader thinks I am wrong please give me a Quote from Sri Guru Granth Sahib JI. I do not need Interpretation.

    In ending I have one Quote which I have been taught by, “Hindu parents”, who went to Gurudawara and temple all their life. I also enjoy going to Gurudawra, but cannot stand the politics going there.

    ********Nanak Naam Chadi Kala, Tere Bhane Sarbat Da Bhala.********

    And anyone who think I am wrong please do interpret the above for me.

    BTW, there has been a tradition in Punjabi Khatri “Hindus” specially that oldest boy becomes a NaamDhari Sikh.
    Going by the “New Sikhs” the child should discard his parents because they are “Hindus” and thus commit the ULTIMATE paap of disrespecting and abanding the person who gave birth, love, sacrifice to make him what he is.

  4. Manu

    Amrit Pal Ji,
    Sat Naam Sri WaheGuru
    WaheGuru Ji da Khalsa
    WaheGuru Ji di Fateh

    I hope and pray that your work achieves the goal of bringing Bhartiya together, saving our culture and saving Us (indian). The political leader on all sides are very busy dividing Hindus (Keshdari’s and non-keshdari’s).

    The folks who are supposed to follow the 11 Guru are following leaders.

    The savers of faith busy buying modern Maya (material needs). These leaders are busy destroying our culture of love, patience, forgiveness and sacrifice. We are learning more about fast cars, night life, drugs and are forgetting about prabhat pheri, langar, jagrate, daan (water, food, clothing and shelter). It is “in fashion” to put a cross, but shame to maintain Kesh or have Jeenau. It is sad to say I have seen people have their hairs shaved after taking Amrit. I have seen Brahman eating beef. We do not know about Akhade, but we know cricket.

    Dharm always needs some with Honesty at heart. You are one of those required individuals today. You are trying to Spread the World at 11 Guru’s want.

    May Ram ji Bless you

  5. Raj Karega Khalsa

    Amrit Bha Ji, I have read introduction of this section. I agree to your points. Please keep it up. Spread message of Gurbani and Sikh history. Waheguru aap ji de ang sang sahai hove ji

  6. Rajvir Singh

    Veer Amrit Jio, I really appreciate your efforts to present the Gurbani and Sikh history in their actual context. The relations of Hindus and Sikhs became bitter because of many anti-Hindu and anti-Sikh forces.

    I personally believe that Sikhism is a separate religion, but it does not mean that the meanings of the holy Gurbani should be distorted. It is a big sin to distort the meanings of Gurbani. Those who are doing this are anti-Sikh people. I am really happy that you present the Gurbani and Sikh history in its real context.

    Thank you very much,

    Rajvir Singh

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