What is more offensive?

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

What is more offensive, calling a country ‘a cancerous tumour’, or calling a violent movement ‘savage’? Is calling Israel ‘a disease’ not offensive?

When President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad bragged, “Israel is a cancerous tumour that will soon be finished off”, the main-stream media published it as merely a news item; as if a threat by a President of a country is not something serious.

Ahmadinejad said, “The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land…. A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists”.

It seems many people do not think that the comments by Iran’s President were ‘Racist’ by character.

When a specific advertisement appeared in the US, people started to raise objections. The advertisement said, “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.”

A US based group (American Freedom Defence Initiative) paid for this advertisement, which appeared on city buses in San Francisco, US.

However, when in London a few people hold banners, which say, “Israel is a disease, we are the cure”, the main stream media simply pays no attention to it.

When the group ‘American Freedom Defence Initiative‘, along with others, holds a peaceful anti-Islamization demonstration in Stockholm (Sweden), they are called ‘Racists’ and ‘Militants’. Video recordings of the demonstration make it clear that anti-Islamisation demonstration was totally peaceful. However, the opponents of this demonstration, who organised a counter-rally at the same place, were violent. They tried to attack peaceful demonstrators of anti-Islamization rally. Even the police had to arrest a few counter-demonstrators. They clashed with police amid a hail of bottles and fireworks as they tried to break through a police line and attack the anti-Islamization demonstration.

It seems the media in the US is not worried about what Iran is planning for Israel. Instead, they are worried about what Pamela Geller, the leader of “American Freedom Defence Initiative” and “Stop Islamisation of Nations (SION)” is doing to stop Islamisation of America and other nations.