Sikhs Abroad Should Engage In More Social Activities

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Many people in the West still do not know that Sikhs are not Muslims or Arabs. They are being attacked, because their attackers by mistake believe that they (Sikhs) are Muslims. So, basically these are cases of mistaken identity.

Despite their so small population in the West, Sikhs involve themselves in social service. These social service activities by Sikhs are selfless. More and more Sikhs should engage themselves in social work on a large scale. It is their religious duty to be engaged in social work. It will also help people know who Sikhs are. Never forget that Sikh Gurus were involved in social service and that too on a large scale.

Sikhs are known for military services. They are highly appreciated in Indian Army. Many Sikhs took part in the world war and stories of their bravery are still known to many in the West. However, only a few Sikhs join army in Western countries presently. More Sikhs need to join army and police etc.

At present, the western civilisation, culture, and languages are in danger. Sikhs in the western countries are westerns. They should engage themselves in western cultural activities as well. A few Sikhs are doing all this, but more is required in these fields.

We, Sikhs in India, always pray for Sikhs abroad.

Stay in high spirits…