Hindu ‘Refugees’ in India

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

After two shootings in Copenhagen city in Denmark, Prime minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is making a $46 million (Indian Rs 276 crores) plan to persuade Jewish people living in Ukraine, France and Belgium to migrate to Israel. He is asking Jews living in these countries to come and permanently settle in Israel.

Netanyahu is a visionary leader. He says, “This wave of attacks is expected to continue. Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

Economy Minister of Israel Mr. Naftali Bennett said, “Israel is always waiting for them. This will never change. Jews can and should have the right to live anywhere, but if there are Jews who are concerned about their future, we are certainly waiting for them.”

I have a high regard for Israeli leadership. They as a matter of fact care for their Jewish people. They are inviting persecuted Jewish people to Israel to permanently settle there, and to help them Israeli government is providing Rs 276 crores. These are the real leaders. I salute them.

Now, take a look at Hindus suffering in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Shri Lanka. Where should they go to save themselves? Many of them have come to India, as they consider India their ‘homeland’. They are waiting for citizenship for many years. Many of them are living in very bad conditions in different parts of India.

There are no special government funds for them. There are no ministers taking care of them. What can these persecuted Hindus get in India? Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan, who came to India in 1947 and settled in Jammu and Kashmir, could not get citizenship rights even after 67 years, what to talk about those Hindus and Sikhs who have come to India in recent years.

Prior to bring Jews living in other countries to Israel, Israeli leaders are making proper plans of Rs 276 crores. They will make plans for this amount, with the intention that Jews migrating to Israel can be helped the moment they enter Israel.

On the other hand, Hindu and Sikh refugees already have come to India for many years (and many more are coming), there are no government funds to help them settle in India.

If Jews living in other countries come to Israel, they will never be called ‘refugees’. They will be honourable citizens of Israel as soon as they enter Israel. When such Jews enter Israel, they receive warm welcome on airport. They do not live in ‘refugee camps’. Instead, they live in their ‘own homes’.

Jews coming to Israel are ‘citizens’ and Hindus/Sikhs coming to India are ‘refugees’. That is the difference. And this is a big difference, very big difference. A ‘refugee’ knows this difference, others perhaps do not.

Jews in European countries and Hindus/ Sikhs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc are facing lots of problems. They have been attacked by brutal fanatics. Their properties have been attacked. They are living in fear. However, such Jewish people have the hope. They have a nation of Israel that takes care of them. They have leaders like Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Bennett, who are always ready to help such persecuted Jewish brothers and sisters.

On the other hand, Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have no such hope. They have no country committed to them.

Their only hope is their Bhagwaan, their Vaheguru (God). May the God Almighty bless these ‘refugee’ Hindus and Sikhs !