Swarup Sarkar asks

Swarup Sarkar, a blogger and a human rights activist has a few valid points. He has so many questions, which must be answered. This time, he is asking questions to the (Indian) media. Unfortunately, our media-persons will not care to address Swarup Sarkar’s points.

Swarup Sarkar says,

“Crime is Crime and the Punishment should be equall for all, but it seems our Media and Law Maker forget that as a result all prefer to keep this News Under Carpate:

‘Whole family of a husband attempted suicide at Alwar city in Rajasthan. On Saturday evening, 3 Feb. 2007, the whole family living at Dayanand Nagar at Alwar city in Rajasthan consumed poisonous food due to threats false case and jailing by Ashok’s in-laws. Ashok, who was Engineer in a private company,his father Giriraj both died in the hospital and Ashok’s mother is undergoing treatment at Hospital. ”

This is not a single case , every year more than such cases happening at least 22,000 , but Media always prefers to keep the same under Carpet.