Gopal Paandha Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Paandha Gopal Ji was a teacher in the village of Rai Bhoi Di Talwandi (now Sri Nanakana Sahib). Father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Mehta Kaalu ji, wanted his son to learn accountancy because it was his own profession. So, he took Guru Ji with him and went to Paandha Gopal Ji.

Paandha ji began to teach Guru ji. He started with counting. But, Guru ji came into this world to teach, not to be taught. Paandha was trying to teach counting to the countless (Guru ji).

Paandha was so happy with Guru ji, because he thought Guru ji was learning very quickly. He appreciated Guru ji before his father Mehta Kaalu ji. Next time, when Kaalu ji came to the school, Paandha called Guru ji and asked him to recite the tables. Guru ji did not speak even a single word. Paandha said, “Why don’t you recite? Yesterday, you were very good at tables. What happened to you today? You want to play with your friends. You are not interested in study right now. It seems you want to be beaten.”

Guru ji said, “Teacher! What do you know? What have you learned? What is the benefit of learning accountancy? First, give me answer, then go with your teaching.”

Paandha was surprised. Then he said, “I know counting, accountancy etc. Why don’t you read?”

Guru ji said, “Paandha ji, the soul has been caught. This education is not useful when the soul faces pain. This accountancy does not give any help, when we die. Adapt a different education system that will be useful even after your death.”

Guru ji then recited a shabad in Raag Siri : Siri Raag Mahal 1
Jaal moh ghass mass kar
Mat kaagad kar saar.
Bhao kalam kar
Chitt likhaari
Gur puchchh likh beechaar.
Likh naam
Salaah likh
Likh antt naa paaraavaar.

Guru ji Said, ” Burn emotional attachment, and grind it into ink. Transform your intelligence into the purest of paper. Make the love of the Lord your pen, and let your consciousness be the scribe. Then, seek the Guru’s Instructions, and record these deliberations. Write the Praises of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; write over and over again that He has no end or limitation. ”

“O Baba, write such an account, that when it is asked for, it will bring the Mark of Truth. ”

“There, where greatness, eternal peace and everlasting joy are bestowed, the faces of those whose minds are attuned to the True Name are anointed with the Mark of Grace. If one receives God’s Grace, then such honors are received, and not by mere words.”

“Some come, and some arise and depart. They give themselves lofty names. Some are born beggars, and some hold vast courts. Going to the world hereafter, everyone shall realize that without the Name, it is all useless.”

“I am terrified by the Fear of You, God. Bothered and bewildered, my body is wasting away. Those who are known as sultans and emperors shall be reduced to dust in the end. O Nanak, arising and departing, all false attachments are cut away.”

Considering the word of Guru ji in his mind, Paandha ji thought that it is not an ordinary student.

Paandha touched the feet of Guru ji. He became a true follower of Guru Nanak Dev ji.