Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji was a Sikh of the second Guru, Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji. The warrior Bhai Mallu Saahi was a soldier in the Mogul army.

He must have thought that it was not good to work under foreigner ruler. Perhaps this was the reason when he asked Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji,

�We are in service of Moguls. Tell us to do something so that we remain blameless�. Guru Ji replied, �Human bodies are mortal. Soul is immortal. No body can kill soul�.

�So, should a soldier not be afraid of death in battle-field?� one may ask.

Listen what Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji said to this warrior, �The body will die, only when these three points gather together � (1) when the time of breaths is over, (2) when the person to be died reached the particular place where he has to die, and (3) when particular weapon strikes, which is supposed to end warrior�s life�.

The warrior cannot die until all of these three points get together. Otherwise, the �Kaal� (Time/Death) itself defends the warrior.

So a warrior should not worry. He should not be afraid of death. He surely will die, when his time comes. No one can save him then. And no one can kill him if his time has not come.

Sri Guru Ji said to Bhai Mallu Ji, �When the war is unavoidable, do not hesitate even if enemies are too many. Whatever you earn, share with needy�.

This was the lesson to a warrior, Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji. This is a lesson to all the warriors living across the globe.