Life Without Worship

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Different people fall in different age groups. There are people, who are above 100 years. Some unlucky could not see this world. They died before their birth, in the womb of their mothers. It is God, who writes our fate. He decides how long we would live in this world. It is true, but everyone wants to live a long life.

Yes, everyone wants to live a long life, but long life and happiness are not co-related. If someone is above 100 years, it does not mean that he would be happy too. Some people die in their little age, but it does not mean that they did not live a happy life. So, there is no relation in long life and happy life.

The source of true happy life is worship of God. If you worship, if you meditate, you are happy, otherwise not. Gurbani compares non-believer with snake. It does not matter how long life a snake lives; he lives in holes. These holes are very narrow. These holes are not clean. There runs water in rainy season. These are truly unsafe places.

Look at what a snake eats. Its food is not good. People pretend to give milk to snakes, but it is reality that snake never drinks milk. He eats bees and rats. And this food makes him poisonous. If he bites someone, then death is almost predetermined.

But if snake is a threat to others, then he has enemies too. Especially, human run to kill snakes if they just look them. Whosoever is poisonous, he has to face many foes too. If someone thinks to harm others, how can he think about his own welfare Now, he is helpless to hide himself from his enemies.

Naturally, if he hides himself from others to defend himself, then he has to live a life of solitude.

Same life lives a disbeliever. Disbeliever is like a snake. A snake eats non-eatable things, a disbeliever eats a non-eatable things, like bribery, others rights etc. A snake becomes poisonous because of his food; a disbeliever becomes poisonous because of his food. Bribery makes him poisonous. He uses the money he has not right on. It makes him poisonous. He has great poison in his mind. His thoughts are full of poison. His thinking is poisonous. He delivers poisonous speeches in public gatherings. He makes people mad with his poisonous ideas. His poison works and people go mad, and kill each other. A non-believer is more dangerous than a snake.

He is poisonous. He is dangerous. He is harmful to the society. But it does not mean he has no enemy. People want to kill snakes. Some people want to kill this poisonous non-believer. Now he runs. He tries to hide himself so that he could secure himself. He hires bodyguards. He cannot go in public openly. His bodyguards search everyone, who comes to meet him. He is afraid of death. He is suspicious for everyone. Now, he is without a friend in the world.

This is the life of a snake. This is the life of a non-believer, non-worshiper.