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Bhai Tiloka Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Bhai Tiloka Ji was a great warrior. As a warrior, he was appointed an army officer with a personal squad of the local ruler of Ghazni.

Bhai Tiloka Ji originally was from ‘Sooharh’ gotra of  ‘khatri’ caste (varna). He was a Sikh of fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. As an army officer, Bhai Tiloka Ji used to carry many weapons with him. He would ride a horse, as it was the common conveyance for soldiers those days. Because Bhai Tiloka Ji was an officer in personal squad of the local ruler of Ghazni, he would accompany him where he would go. It is obvious that Bhai Tiloka Ji was an important figure in Ghazni.

Bhai Tiloka Ji, being a devout Sikh, once came to the fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji. Bhai Ji said to Guru Ji, �To indulge in battles is my occupation. As soldiers, we always have to do �Hinsa� (violence). How can I be saved? I have come to your sanctuary�.

Guru Ji said, �Follow your �Khatri Dharma� (the duty of a warrior). Do not do violence by your heart. Do not hurt anyone�s heart. Always meditate on the God. Recite the Name of the God Almighty every time. Show mercy on living beings�.

After staying for a few days, Bhai Tiloka Ji returned to Ghazni, his city. As was his duty, once he accompanied the local Mogul ruler for hunting. Suddenly, they saw a she-deer running before their eyes. All the warriors chased it. Bhai Tiloka Ji struck his sword the she-deer and cut it into two pieces. It was a pregnant she-deer. Two infant deer fell out of it and died before everyone�s eyes.

Bhai Tiloka Ji watched this entire episode. This kind hearted warrior was sad to see all this. He remembered Guru�s words, �Show mercy on all living beings�.

His mind had totally changed now. He thought, �I have made a big sin. Guru Ji asked me to show mercy to living beings, but I killed this innocent living being. I should now weapons throw away, so that I do not kill living being any more�.

The kind hearted Bhai Tiloka Ji kept a wooden-sword in his sheath. Its handle was made of iron. Under its sheath, it would look like a real sword.

After a few days, someone told the ruler, �Tiloka is considered a great warrior, but he keeps a wooden-sword. Only its handle is made of iron and it looks like a real sword�.

The ruler replied, �I do not believe this. Tiloka is a great warrior. He has proved his bravery in many battles. This is why I have appointed him my army officer. I respect him a lot and I give him a handsome salary etc�.

The complainant said, �Ask him to appear in your court. When he comes, suddenly ask him to show his sword. If it is made of wooden, do not pay him. And, it is made of iron, punish me for that reason�.

Now the local ruler was double-minded. He did not want to insult Bhai Tiloka Ji. He organized his court. All the warriors, including Bhai Tiloka Ji, appeared there with their weapons. First, he unsheathed his own sword and showed to all. He then asked another warrior to show his sword. He did so. Then, one by one, the ruler asked every warrior to show their swords.

Bhai Tiloka Ji was in difficulty now. He was carrying a wooden-sword. He meditated on the Guru and prayed, �O My Guru! Help me. Save my honour, same as you saved honour of Daraupadi. Convert my wooden-sword into a real one made of iron�.

Now, the ruler said to Bhai Tiloka Ji, �Tiloka! You too should show your sword. Le us see what kind of sword you have in your sheath. Let us see which stamp your sword carries�.

Bhai Tiloka Ji replied, �The stamp of my Guru is there on my sword. I will show you the sword given by my Guru�.

He recited �Waaheguroo� and unsheathed his sword. It was a real sword, all made of iron.

The ruler was so happy to see the sword of Bhai Tiloka Ji. He doubled the salary of Bhai Tiloka Ji.

Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji is another warrior Sikh, who is never mentioned by modern writers of Guru History. He was a Sikh of the fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

He asked Guru Ji, �Which position does a warrior get, who dies in a battle fighting his enemies?�

In fact, from the very beginning, the warriors were always there in Sikh Sangat (congregation). These warriors used to ask such questions, which were very crucial for these religious minded soldiers. If we gather all the answers by our Gurus, to these questions, we get a true picture of what we may call now �rules for a warrior�.

As Guru Arjun Dev Ji said to another Sikh warrior, Bhai Aadit Suyini Ji, the first rule for a true warrior is to make sure that he fights for the ‘Dharma’. A warrior should always keep it in his mind that Guru Arjun Dev Ji instructed Bhai Aadit Ji to meditate on the King of kings, the God Almighty, in battlefield. If a warrior is reciting the Name of the God in battlefield, he would surely fight for ‘Dharma’ only. A person fighting against the ‘Dharma’ is not a true warrior.

But, what happens to a warrior, who dies in a battle, fighting the enemy?

Guru Arjun Dev Ji replied to Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji, ‘If a warrior, who have adopted the ‘Dharma’ of bravery and is always fearless in battle, dies in a battle reciting the True Name of the God, gets the state of supreme dignity. All sins of his previous lives are cleansed’.

Guru Ji further said, �Those, who die in a battle fighting furiously, without reciting the Name of the God, are reborn and they get worldly pleasures�.

These warriors, who are reborn, get worldly pleasures for a limited period only. These worldly pleasures are not for ever. These worldly warriors do not get ‘Mukti’ (salvation) at all.

Though, we have not any detailed information on life of Bhai Kalau Kakka Ji, this little piece of conversation between him and Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji is very important. It gives us an instruction to fight for the ‘Dharma’. It also proves that Sikh Gurus used to instruct his warrior Sikhs to fight for the ‘Dharma’ from the very beginning. The Sikh warriors used to go to battles and they always fought for the ‘Dharma’ only.

Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji was a Sikh of the second Guru, Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji. The warrior Bhai Mallu Saahi was a soldier in the Mogul army.

He must have thought that it was not good to work under foreigner ruler. Perhaps this was the reason when he asked Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji,

�We are in service of Moguls. Tell us to do something so that we remain blameless�. Guru Ji replied, �Human bodies are mortal. Soul is immortal. No body can kill soul�.

�So, should a soldier not be afraid of death in battle-field?� one may ask.

Listen what Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji said to this warrior, �The body will die, only when these three points gather together � (1) when the time of breaths is over, (2) when the person to be died reached the particular place where he has to die, and (3) when particular weapon strikes, which is supposed to end warrior�s life�.

The warrior cannot die until all of these three points get together. Otherwise, the �Kaal� (Time/Death) itself defends the warrior.

So a warrior should not worry. He should not be afraid of death. He surely will die, when his time comes. No one can save him then. And no one can kill him if his time has not come.

Sri Guru Ji said to Bhai Mallu Ji, �When the war is unavoidable, do not hesitate even if enemies are too many. Whatever you earn, share with needy�.

This was the lesson to a warrior, Bhai Mallu Saahi Ji. This is a lesson to all the warriors living across the globe.

Bhai Saalas Rai Ji, The Jeweler

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Bhai Mardana Ji were passing through a jungle, when Bhai Mardana Ji said, “Guru Ji, I am hungry. You know that we could not get food for some days. It is very hard for me to take even a single step. We are in a dense forest. I think there is not any city near”.

Guru Ji said, “Have a little patience, Mardana. We are heading towards a city”.

They kept walking. After some time, Guru Ji said to Mardana Ji, “See, there is a city”.

Mardana Ji said, “What does it make a difference if we are near to a city. We have no money with us. No one will give us food without money. It seems that I have to die here right now”.

When Guru Ji listened Mardana Ji saying like this, Guru Ji searched sand by his foot. He took a precious jewel from the sand and gave it to Mardana Ji.

Mardana Ji said, “What can I do with this stone. I cannot eat this, Guru Ji”.

Guru Ji replied, “Go into the city. You will know its price there”.

It was the city of ‘Bishamberpur’. Guru Ji did not enter into the city. Mardana Ji went to a jeweler in the city.

The jeweler said, “I can give you only three paise (a currency) for it”.

Mardana Ji came back to Guru Ji and told that the jeweler was ready to give only three paise.

Guru Ji said, “Go to jeweler ‘Saalas Rai’. Give that jewel to him and take money which he would give to you”.

Bhai Mardana Ji went to Bhai Saalas Rai jeweler and showed him the jewel. Bhai Saalas Rai Ji examined the jewel very carefully. Then he gave hundred rupees to Mardana Ji and said, “I can give as much money as the owner wants. I am giving you hundred rupees just as a respect for this precious jewel”.

Mardana Ji went back to Guru Ji and told what happened.

Guru Ji said, “Mardana, This is very precious jewel. The jeweler has given hundred rupees to show his respect for this jewel. You can imagine how precious it is. Now tell me if you want to sell this jewel”.

Bhai Mardana Ji said, “We should not sell the jewel”.

“Give back the money you have taken from Saalas Rai, if you do not sell it”, said Guru Ji.

Mardana Ji went again to Bhai Saalas Rai Ji and told him that the owner of this jewel did not want to sell it.

However, Bhai Saalas Rai Ji refused to take that money back, as it given as respect for jewel. He wanted to see the owner of jewel, so he went where Guru Ji was sitting outside the city. He brought food and some other things for Guru Ji.

Bhai Saalas Rai met Guru Ji. He wanted to listen to Guru Ji.

Guru Ji sang a ‘Shabd’, “In the pure, immaculate waters,
both the lotus and the slimy scum are found.
The lotus flower is with the scum and the water,
But it remains untouched by any pollution.

“You frog, you will never understand.
You eat the dirt, while you dwell in the immaculate waters.
You know nothing of the ambrosial nectar there.”

“You dwell continually in the water;
The bumblebee does not dwell there,
But it is intoxicated with its fragrance from afar.
Intuitively sensing the moon in the distance,
The lotus bows its head.”

“The realms of nectar are irrigated with milk and honey;
You think you are clever to live in the water.
You can never escape your own inner tendencies,
Like the love of the flea for blood.”

“The fool may live with the Pandit,
The religious scholar, and listen to the Vedas and the Shaastras.
You can never escape your own inner tendencies,
Like the crooked tail of the dog.”

“Some are hypocrites;
They do not merge with the Naam,
The Name of the Lord.
Some are absorbed in the Feet of the Lord, Har, Har.
The mortals obtain what they are predestined to receive;
O Nanak, with your tongue, chant the Naam.”
(Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Maaru Mahla 1, p. 990)

Bhai Saalas Rai Ji was well-learned man. He became the follower of Guru Ji. He was a poet also. He wrote and sang a song in praise of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

On his request, Guru Ji went to Bhai Saalas Rai’s house. Guru Ji stayed in the city for some days.

Guru Ji appointed Bhai Saalas Rai Ji the preacher of Guru Nanak’s philosophy.

Bhai Laalo Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

When Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji started his ‘Udaasis’ (religious jounryes) along with Bhai Mardana Ji, first, they came to a town, called ‘Aimnabaad’. There lived a carpenter, whose name was Bhai Laalo Ji.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Bhai Laalo’s house. Bhai Laalo felt very happy, when he saw a saint in his house. However, he could not recognize Guru Ji, because he never met him before.

Therefore, he asked Guru Ji, “Where have you come from?”

Guru Ji said, “We are outlanders.”

“Your holy face is shining. Your sight destroys all sins. It made me happy, when I heard your voice. I come under your protection. O merciful saint, please tell me your name”, Bhai Laalo prayed.

Bhai Laalo was a carpenter. Though being a carpenter is just an occupation, but it is now considered a caste in India. In addition, in those old days, a ‘carpenter’ was considered a lower caste. In ‘Puratan Janam Sakhi’, there has been used a word ‘baadhhi’ for this caste. In ‘Gur Partap Suraj Granth’, Bhai Santokh Singh has used a word ‘takhaan’ for it. Now, it is called ‘Tarkhaan’ in Punjabi language. (Sikh ‘Tarkhaans’ are now called ‘Raam-garhiyaas’).

Because ‘carpenter’ was considered a lower caste, so people belonging to upper caste would not go to carpenters’ houses. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to this carpenter’s house, the carpenter was surprised. He thought, “How was it possible that a saint came to his house?”

Moreover, by Guru Ji’s face, it was sure that he belonged to a rich family. Laalo might have thought, “A rich man, a man belonging to an upper caste has come to me, then he must be a kind hearted. But who is he?” Laalo wanted to know about this visitor. That is why he said, “O merciful saint, please tell me your name.”

Guru Ji did not tell his name. He said, “You will know my name by yourself. Now, do your job and praise the God.”

Now, Laalo got some clue. He said, “I have heard about a ascetic, Nanak. You must be Nanak. I cannot find anyone like you. But I want to listen by yourself whether you are Nanak or not.”

Bhai Mardana said, “Yes, you guessed very well.”

Happy carpenter did welcome his guests. He provided them with simple food.

Guru Ji stayed in Laalo’s house for 25 days. In the meantime, Bhai Mardana wanted to see his family. Guru Ji allowed him to go to their village, so Bhai Mardana went to ‘Talwandi’ for few days.

Guru Ji used to go to jungle in daytime. During nights, he would come to Laalo’s house. Bhai Laalo would provide Guru Ji with food with pure devotion and love.

In ‘Aimnabad’, there lived a very rich man. His name was ‘Malik Bhago’. While Guru Nanak Dev Ji was staying with Bhai Laalo, Malik Bhago organized ‘Brahm-bhoj’. ‘Brahm-bhoj’ is a kind of public kitchen, where Brahmans and other ascetics are invited. Malik was a very corrupt man. He amassed wealth through unfair means.

He invited many Brahmans, saints, ascetics and others in his ‘Brahm-bhoj’. His priest went personally to everyone to give invitation.

Guru Ji was going to jungle for meditation, when the priest of Malik Bhago met him. He said to Guru Ji, “Where are you going, ascetic Nanak? Here is an invitation for you.”

“Invitation? For what?” Guru Ji asked.

“Malik Bhago, a ‘Khatri’, has arranged a big ‘Brahm-bhoj’. He has invited all Brahmans, Khatris, Vaish and Shudras,” said the priest.

Brahmans, Khatris, Vaish and Shudras are four ‘Varnas’ or castes of Hindus.

Guru Ji replied, “But I do not belong to any caste. I am a man of God.”

“That is why people call you wicked”, priest said in rage. He further said, “If you do not come to ‘Brahm-bhoj’, Malik will be angry with you.”

Guru Ji did not go to Malik’s Brahm-bhoj. Someone said to Malik Bhago, “Look Malik, Nanak ascetic did not come to you. He gets food from a ‘Shudar’. That is why people call him wicked.”

Malik asked his priest, “Did you invite Nanak ascetic?”

“Yes sir”, the priest said, “I told him several times to come to ‘Brahm-bhoj’.”

This made him angry. He ordered, “Go and invite him again”.

The priest went to Laalo’s house and said loudly, “O Laalo! Is Nanak ascetic here in your house right now?”

“He is sitting in my house”, replied Laalo, “What do you have to do with Guru Ji?”

“Send him out”, the priest said.

Guru Ji listened their conversation and came out of the house.

He said, “What are you saying, Pandha Ji?”

The priest replied, “Go with me immediately. Malik is waiting for you.”

“Who is Malik?” Guru Ji said, “I do not know him. I have nothing to do with him. I did not even see him. Why is he calling me?”

The priest went back to Malik Bhago and said, “Malik Ji, he ignored your order. He says, ‘who is Malik?’ He did not come with me. He traduced your food. He has been eating in a Shudar’s house. He is shameless.” However, Guru Ji did not use these words.

Malik ordered, “Go and present him before me by force, if he does not come himself.”

This time, five men accompanied the priest. He went to Guru Ji and said, “Go with us, otherwise we will take you forcefully.”

Guru Ji laughed and went with them. Bhai Laalo Ji followed him. Laalo was afraid.

Guru Ji asked Malik Bhago, “Why have you called me? Why did you send your priest to me?”

Malik said, “Why did not you come to my ‘Brahm-bhoj’?

“I eat what I get”, Guru Ji replied, “I have no desire to eat some tasty food.”

Malik said, “You are fearless. I heard that you belong to an upper caste. Even then, you take food in a Shudar’s house. You traduced ‘Brahm-bhoj’ and you take food from a Shudar.”

Guru Ji heard this calmly. Then he said, “Bring your food, Malik.”

Guru Ji asked Laalo also to bring food from his house. Laalo did so.

Malik ordered his men to bring food. He said to Guru Nanak Ji, “Eat what you like.”

Guru Ji looked at Bhai Laalo. Then he held Laalo’s bread in his right hand and in the other that of Malik Bhago’s. Guru Ji squeezed both. Milk came out from Laalo’s bread and blood dripped from Malik’s bread.

People saw this miracle. They could not believe their eyes. No one had seen blood dripping from bread before.

Guru Ji said to Malik Bhago, “You arranged ‘Brahm-bhoj’ with money sucked from the poor through unfair means. You live by exploitation of the poor and Laalo earns his bread by the sweat of his brow.”

Malik Bhago felt shame, but he did not say any word. Guru Ji came back to Bhai Laalo’s house.

After a few days, Bhai Mardana went back to Aimnabad and rejoin Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He told Guru Ji that Rai Bulaar prayed in the holy feet of Guru Ji to give the ‘Darshan’.

Guru Ji could not ignore his true follower. He said to Bhai Laalo Ji, “There is another lover like you, in my village. He is waiting for me, so I have to go now.”

“But Guru Ji, you promised to stay for one month with me”, said Bhai Laalo Ji.

Guru Ji replied, “I have stayed for 25 days in your house. I will stay for 5 more days when I come again here.”

As a devotee of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, I often think about Bhai Laalo Ji. He was very lucky. In his journeys, Guru Ji did not stay for many days often, in one place; but Bhai Laalo Ji could have the savior as a guest in his house for 25 days. Still he had a promise for more 5 days stay of Guru Ji in his house, though he was a poor man economically; though He did not belong to any so called upper caste. What was the reason? I know the reason. I came to know the fact that my Guru Nanak Dev Ji can be pleased by true love. If you want my Guru Nanak to be with you, just sing his ‘Jap Ji’ with pure devotion; and he will be there with you.

Economically, if you are poor, call my Guru Nanak with pure love. If you are rich, call my Guru Nanak with pure love. It does not matter whether you are poor or rich; Guru Nanak wants just true love.

Guru Ji went to his village ‘Talwandi’. He promised Bhai Laalo Ji to stay with him for more five days. Guru Ji kept his word and when he visited again to Bhai Laalo Ji, he stayed for five days with him.

Bibi Tulsan Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Bibi Tulsan is an ignored character of the Guru History. We have not enough information about her.

Bibi Tulsaan was a maidservant of Bibi Nanaki Ji, the only sister of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Tulsaan got the opportunity to serve the Guru in Sultanpur Lodhi, a city in Punjab. In his book ‘Twaareekh Guru Khalsa’, Giani Gian Singh writes that Bibi Tulsaan was present along with midwife Bibi Daultaan, when Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born, but it cannot be verified. In Bhai Santokh Singh’s book ‘Sri Gur Nanak Prakash’, Bibi Tulsaan calls Bibi Nanak Ji using the word of ‘Badhu’ (daughter-in-law), which proves that Bibi Tulsaan was originally belonged to the city of Sultanpur Lodhi, that is why she used to use word ‘Badhu’ for Bibi Nanaki Ji.

If we accept that Bhai Santokh Singh Ji wrote the word ‘Badhu’ by mistake, then it is possible that Bibi Tulsaan was originally a resident of village ‘Talwandi’ (Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s village) and she went to Sultanpur after the marriage of Bibi Nanaki Ji. It was very common in rich families that servant would go to girl’s in-laws to stay with her forever. In those days, marriages were performed in young age. It was common to send any reilable servant with her, so that she could not feel strangeness in her in-laws. If Bibi Tulsaan was originally a resident of village Talwandi, possiblly she was sent to Sultanpur Lodhi after marriage of Bibi Nanaki Ji. Bibi Tulsaan Ji got the ‘Brahm-Giyaan’ (the realisation of the God) in village ‘Talwandi.

The luck of Bibi Tulsaan started to shine, when Guru Nanak Dev Ji started to work in the ‘Modikhana’ in the city of Sultanpur Lodhi. Guru Ji lived in the house of his sister, Bibi Nanaki Ji, for a long time. During this time, Bibi Tulsaan Ji got the opportunity to see Guru Ji daily. Even when Guru Ji started to live saprate alongwith his family, Bibi Tulsaan Ji used to get chance to have ‘Darshan’ of Guru Ji repeatedly.

According to the book ‘Bansaavali-naama Dasaan Paatshaahiyaan Ka’, written by Kesar Singh Chibbar, Guru Ji went to Sultanpur in the age of 14. According to this, we can say that Guru Ji went there in Samvat 1540 Bikrami. According to ‘Bansaavali-naama Dasaan Paatshaahiyaan Ka’, the second son of Guru Ji, Sri Lakhmi Chand Ji, was born in Samvat 1553 Bikrami. We know that Guru Ji started his journeys (Udaasis) from Sultanpur Lodhi, after the birth of his second son. From this, we reach on conclusion easily that Guru Ji lived in Sultanpur approximately for 13-14 years. It is a long time. Bibi Tulsaan Ji enjoyed the company of Guru Ji during this long period.

As said earlier, we have not enough information about Bibi Tulsaan Ji. We find few lines about her in ‘Sri Gur Nanak Prakash’, written by Bhai Santokh Singh. Giani Gian Singh has written that she was present when Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born. ‘Sardar Bahadur’ Kahan Singh Nabha has mentioned her name in his big book ‘Mahaan Kosh’. Most of the writers just avoided writing about her.

Whenever Bibi Nanaki Ji wanted to call Guru Nanak Dev Ji, it was Bibi Tulsaan Ji, who would go to Guru Ji to convey the message of Bibi Nanaki Ji. For example, when some people said to Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was wasting the money of Nawab Daulat Khan on the poor, Bibi Nanaki Ji sent Bibi Tulsaan Ji to call Guru Ji.

Bibi Tulsaan Ji was an eyewitness of many important happenings in Guru Ji’s life. For example, she was there, when the accounts of ‘Modi-khana’ was checked. She was also present, when Guru Ji started his ‘Udasis’ (religious journeys).

Once, Guru Ji was sleeping in his house in his native village ‘Talwandi’ (now Sri Nanakaana Sahib Ji, Pakistan). Mother of Guru Ji, Mother Tripta Ji, prepare food for him and asked Bibi Tulsaan Ji, “Wake my son up. Ask him to have his food”.

Bibi Tulsaan Ji went inside, where Guru Ji was sleeping on his bed. His foot was out of cloth. Bibi Tulsaan Ji kissed the holy feet of her Guru Ji. As soon as she kissed the holy foot, she got the conscious of the three worlds.

Through this conscious, she saw that the ship of Bhai Mansukh Ji, a resident of city of Lahore, was in deep Ocean. There was some problem. He prayed before Guru Ji, “O True Guru, always helpful to the poor, please help me immediately”.

The omniscient Guru Ji heard his appeal and reached there immediately. Guru Ji helped him and his ship was saved.

Bibi Tulsaan Ji could see all this with the help of the consciousness of the three worlds she got after kissing the holy foot of Guru Ji.

She did not wake Guru Ji up and went back to Mother Tripta Ji. She said to the mother, “I have not woken him up. He is saving his Sikh’s ship. When he saves it, I will wake him up”.

Mother Tripta Ji thought that Bibi Tulsaan Ji was just joking, so she woke her son up herself and said, “Listen my son, Tulsaan was joking to me. She told that you were saving someone’s ship”.

Guru Ji said, “Do not believe this mad”.

As soon as Guru Ji uttered these words, Bibi Tulsaan Ji became silent forever. People thought that she got mad. In fact, she started to enjoy the cheerfulness of ‘Brahm-Giyaan’ (the realization of the God). By the Grace of the Guru, she got the salvation.


Sources: ‘Sri Gur Nanak Prakash’, ‘Twaareekh Guru Khalsa’, ‘Puratan Janamsakhi’, ‘Mahan Kosh’.

Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Sri Jai Ram Ji was son of Sri Paramanand Ji and brother-in-law of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Ji’s sister Bibi Nanaki was married to Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji. Bibi Nanaki Ji was older than Guru Ji in age. Thus, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji also was older than Guru Nanak Dev Ji was.

Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji was a resident of city of Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab. Sultanpur Lodhi was capital of Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji was an officer of Nawab. He was very respectable man in his area. Even Nawab was very happy with him.

After the marriage of Bibi Nanaki Ji, once Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Sultanpur Lodhi to bring his sister to her father’s home for some days. However, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji was thinking in a different way. He thought that Guru Ji should live with him in the city of Sultanpur. When Guru Ji asked Bhaiya Ji to send Bibi Nanaki Ji with him for some days, Bhaiya Ji said in affection, “Please stay with me in my house. I will do service to you. You are a saint. Evil and pains are removed on seeing saints of the God.”

On this, Sri Paramanand Ji, father of Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji, said to his son, “Let him go this time, because he has been sent by his father to bring Nanaki to his home. Next time when he comes to you, you can make him stay with you”.

Guru Ji returned to his village with his sister. After few days, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji went to Guru Ji’s village.

Local ruler of the village, Rai Bulaar called him and said, “Guru Nanak Dev ji is very intelligent, but I think his father, Kaalu, is not happy with him. I think it would be better if he goes with you to Sultanpur. He is very sad here. So, take him with you.”

Bhaiya Jai Ram ji was happy to hear this. This is what he wanted. Well, after staying there for few days, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji returned to his home city with his wife Bibi Nanaki Ji.

However, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji came back to his house, but he was not happy without Guru Ji. He wanted to Guru Ji to live with him in Sultanpur Lodhi. He wrote a letter to Guru Ji. Guru Ji read his letter and decided to go to Sultanpur.

Guru Ji reached Sultanpur. Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji was very happy to see Guru Ji in his house. However, he was older than Guru Ji in age, even then he touched the feet of Guru Ji. Guru Ji started to live with him in his house.

(Note: -There is controversy if Guru ji went Sultanpur Lodhi before or after his marriage.)

One day, Guru ji said to his sister, “Sister! People say that it is not good to live without employment. Tell me some kind of work, so that I can spend my time in a good way.”

Bebe Nanaki replied, “Always talk about ‘real knowledge’, it is your work, my brother. Everything in our house is because of your kindness.”

When Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji listened that Guru Nanak Dev Ji wanted to work, he said to Guru Ji, “People like me are entangled in small things. You are great. Please just live with us and sing the glory of God. By your blessings, we have everything in our house.”

However, Guru Ji insisted to work. Therefore, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji went to Nawab Daulat Khan for a job for Guru Ji. When Nawab saw Guru Ji, he said, “He looks intelligent. He can handle my grocer’s shop.”

He gave some clothes to Guru Ji as a token of respect. In a few days, Guru Ji started to work as a grocer for Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi. Guru Ji worked as a grocer for some years. He also started to live in a separate house in same city.

Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji found a suitable match for his brother in law. She was Bibi Sulakhni Ji, the daughter of Sri Mool Chand Ji. Very soon, the world saw my Guru; my Guru Nanak dressed as a bridegroom. All the relatives, including mother and father of Guru Ji, reached in Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji’s house. The ‘Barat’ (marriage party) started from Sultanpur Lodhi and reached in Sri Mool Chand Ji’s house. All the rituals were performed under the supervision of Pandit Hardyal Ji (‘Purohit’ of Mehta Kaalu Ji) and Pandit Shyam Ji (‘Purohit’ of Sri Mool Chand Ji). After the completion of marriage ceremony, the ‘Barat’ returned to Sultanpur. Because marriage was organized in Sultanpur Lodhi, which was home city of Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji, all the arrangements were made by him.

Guru Ji continued to work as a grocer. Two sons, Sri Chand and Lakhmi Chand, were born in the house of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Sultanpur Lodhi. The house of Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji witnessed the joyful shrieks of both of the sons of Guru Ji.

Some jealous people made a false complaint again Guru Ji before the Nawab Daulat Khan. It was painful for Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji. All the matter was inquired by the Nawab. Guru Ji was proved genuine.

After some time, again a complaint was made against Guru Ji. Now, Guru Ji decided to leave the job of grocer. He wanted to fulfill the Order of the God Almighty. He had to go to preach the world. Guru Ji started to live in a solitary place outside the city.

This was a very difficult time for Bhaiya Ji. Socially, he was guardian of Guru Ji in Sultanpur Lodhi. Guru Ji decided to go to the long journeys. His wife and two sons were there in his family. It was a big question for Bhaiya Ji who would be there to look after his family. Because Bhaiya Ji was the guardian of Guru Ji, it was responsibility of Bhaiya Ji himself to make all the arrangements. Father in law of Guru Ji was not co-operative. Mother in law of Guru Ji was very angry. A respectable man, Bhaiya Ji, was in difficult situation. He took the responsibility to look after the family of Guru Ji. However, Guru Ji’s in-laws were not ready to understand the feelings of humble soul Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji. At last, Guru Ji’s wife went to her parental home with his younger son Lakhmi Chand. Elder son Sri Chand lived there with Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji and Bibi Nanaki Ji.

How was the day, when Guru Ji started his long journeys from Sultanpur Lodhi? How were the feelings of our Bhaiya Ji, when he said farewell to his brother in law? How were the feelings of our Bhaiya Ji, when he said farewell to his beloved? How were the feelings of our Bhaiya Ji, when he said farewell to his Guru?

What had Bhaiya Ji been thinking, when he invited Guru Ji to live with him in Sultanpur? Surely, he wanted his Guru to live always with him. Definitely, he thought his love would live before his eyes forever. Alas, the God had written something else. Bhaiya Ji’s Guru was not only his Guru. Bhaiya Ji’s Guru was the Guru of the world. Bhaiya Ji’s Guru was sent into this world to save the humanity. It was the right time to save the humanity, which was burning in pain. To remove the pain of the world, Bhaiya Ji had to bear the pain.

O my poor pen! You are unable to describe the feelings of my Bhaiya Ji. O my hateful pen! Love is not an essay, which can be written on papers. O my infidel pen! Devotion is not a history, which can be fabricated by so-called historians. O my bigheaded pen! People have forgotten a humble soul Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji. O my thankless pen! I am thankful to you that you have written the name of a great Sikh Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji.

Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji and Bibi Nanaki said farewell to Guru Ji for his long religious journeys. Their love for Guru Ji was unquestionable. Their love for Guru Ji was not fruitless. Actually, a love cannot be fruitless. In reality, love itself is a sweet fruit. Love has a magnetic power. Love attracts the lover, the beloved. This is the reason that when Guru Ji returned from long journeys after many years, he went straight to Sultanpur Lodhi to meet Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji and Bibi Nanaki Ji. He could have gone to his own village ‘Talwandi’, but he did not. The love showed its power. The true love fascinated Guru Nanak Dev Ji and he reached Sultanpur Lodhi. Only then, Guru Ji went to his own village.

After few days, Guru Ji went again to his journey. This time, when Guru Ji returned, the great soul, the true Sikh, Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji had left for his heavenly abode.

O babbler Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’! Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji teaches you the silent love! O proud sinner! This great soul shows what humbleness is! O selfish man! My Bhaiya Ji tells what selfless service is!

My salute to Bhaiya Jai Ram Ji.


Source: ‘Sri Gur Nanak Prakash’, ‘Puratan Janamsakhi’, ‘Janamsakhi Bhai Bala’.

Gopal Paandha Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Paandha Gopal Ji was a teacher in the village of Rai Bhoi Di Talwandi (now Sri Nanakana Sahib). Father of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Mehta Kaalu ji, wanted his son to learn accountancy because it was his own profession. So, he took Guru Ji with him and went to Paandha Gopal Ji.

Paandha ji began to teach Guru ji. He started with counting. But, Guru ji came into this world to teach, not to be taught. Paandha was trying to teach counting to the countless (Guru ji).

Paandha was so happy with Guru ji, because he thought Guru ji was learning very quickly. He appreciated Guru ji before his father Mehta Kaalu ji. Next time, when Kaalu ji came to the school, Paandha called Guru ji and asked him to recite the tables. Guru ji did not speak even a single word. Paandha said, “Why don’t you recite? Yesterday, you were very good at tables. What happened to you today? You want to play with your friends. You are not interested in study right now. It seems you want to be beaten.”

Guru ji said, “Teacher! What do you know? What have you learned? What is the benefit of learning accountancy? First, give me answer, then go with your teaching.”

Paandha was surprised. Then he said, “I know counting, accountancy etc. Why don’t you read?”

Guru ji said, “Paandha ji, the soul has been caught. This education is not useful when the soul faces pain. This accountancy does not give any help, when we die. Adapt a different education system that will be useful even after your death.”

Guru ji then recited a shabad in Raag Siri : Siri Raag Mahal 1
Jaal moh ghass mass kar
Mat kaagad kar saar.
Bhao kalam kar
Chitt likhaari
Gur puchchh likh beechaar.
Likh naam
Salaah likh
Likh antt naa paaraavaar.

Guru ji Said, ” Burn emotional attachment, and grind it into ink. Transform your intelligence into the purest of paper. Make the love of the Lord your pen, and let your consciousness be the scribe. Then, seek the Guru’s Instructions, and record these deliberations. Write the Praises of the Naam, the Name of the Lord; write over and over again that He has no end or limitation. ”

“O Baba, write such an account, that when it is asked for, it will bring the Mark of Truth. ”

“There, where greatness, eternal peace and everlasting joy are bestowed, the faces of those whose minds are attuned to the True Name are anointed with the Mark of Grace. If one receives God’s Grace, then such honors are received, and not by mere words.”

“Some come, and some arise and depart. They give themselves lofty names. Some are born beggars, and some hold vast courts. Going to the world hereafter, everyone shall realize that without the Name, it is all useless.”

“I am terrified by the Fear of You, God. Bothered and bewildered, my body is wasting away. Those who are known as sultans and emperors shall be reduced to dust in the end. O Nanak, arising and departing, all false attachments are cut away.”

Considering the word of Guru ji in his mind, Paandha ji thought that it is not an ordinary student.

Paandha touched the feet of Guru ji. He became a true follower of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Pandit Hardyal Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Pandit Hardyal Ji is among those personalities, who are portrayed in a wrong way by some modern Sikh writers. He was the person, who got the chance to have the ‘Darshan’ of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, since Guru Ji was just one day old.

According to the facts gotten from the Guru history books, Pandit Hardyal Ji was the first person, who recognized the Godly light of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Pandit Hardyal Ji had not had the ‘Darshan’ of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, when he announced that the newborn was a superhuman infant. Pandit Ji believed that Vishnu or Shiva had incarnated into this world in the form of Guru Ji. Pandit Ji told that there would be holy parasol over the head of newborn and this Guru would grant people remission of sins. Pandit Ji predicted that the infant would gain victory.

It is understandable that Pandit Ji strongly desired to see such a holy infant. He asked Mehta Kalu Ji, the father of Guru Ji, to get the ‘Darshan’ of the infant Guru. Kalu Ji asked Bibi Daultaan, the midwife, to bring the infant out of the room. When Bibi Daultaan went to get the infant, Mother Tripta Ji, the mother of Guru Ji, refused to give the infant. She said it would not be good for infant’s health, if he goes outside.

Guru had incarnated into the world, Pandit Ji knew it, and even then, Pandit Ji would go home without having his ‘Darshan’; it was not possible in any way. He made requests to Kalu Ji again and again to have the ‘Darshan’ of Guru Ji.

At last, Pandit Hardyal Ji’s desired was fulfilled. It was the first day of Guru Ji’s life in this world. The infant Guru was brought before the lover, Pandit Hardyal Ji. When Pandit Ji saw Guru Ji, he stood up. He was so happy. His heart was full of love. Indicating clearly that the newborn is the ‘Jagat-Guru’, Pandit Hardyal Ji bowed his head before the Guru Ji.

Pandit Ji had the ‘Darshan’ of infant Guru Ji to his satisfaction. The happiness of Pandit Ji was so obvious. Although in his later life, he had the ‘Darshan’ of the savior, the world was waiting for. Seeing the infant’s pink feet, reddish nails, bow-like eyebrows, round sweet cheeks, Pandit Ji said, “O Kalu! Your son is so beautiful.”

When Pandit Ji had the ‘Darshan’ of the infant, it was sent to its mother again. Mehta Kalu Ji requested Pandit Hardyal Ji to name the Guru Ji. As per rituals, after 13 days, Pandit Ji gave the name to the infant Guru Ji. Then name given by Pandit Ji was ‘Nanak’.

Mehta Kalu Ji was confused with this name. He said to Pandit Ji, “O Brahman! Do not give this name. It is common name in both of Hindus and Muslims. Give such a name, which is familiar within Hindus.”

Pandit Hardyal replied, “Your son is a big incarnation. Ram and Krishna were the incarnations; but only Hindus followed them, Muslims did not. This infant will be followed by both of Hindus and Muslims. His feet are like ship. Whosoever touches his feet, will get the salvation. This infant will give the ‘Name’ of the God to the people. The land, mountains, and the sea will give way to him. Hindus and Muslims will recite his name. O Kalu! Do no think that I am lying. It will happen.”

The father Kalu Ji was very happy listening this.

While going back to his home, Pandit Ji was considering in his mind. He was saddened thinking that he would not be able to see the glory of Guru, because he was getting older. Pandit Ji was thinking that many people will be blessed in the company of the Guru, but he was not sure if he would be there to see all this.

For a worshiper, prayer is the only hope. Pandit Hardyal Ji started to pray in his mind that he should live till the Guru starts to give his sermon to the world. Pandit Hardyal Ji wanted to see the ‘Leela’ (amusement) of Guru Ji. Guru always fulfills the desire of such person. Pandit Ji’s desire was also fulfilled.

When Guru Ji attained the required age, Mehta Kaalu Ji requested Pandit Hardyal Ji to perform ‘Janeyoo’ ceremony. ‘Janeyoo’ is a thread, which is put by so-called high-caste Hindus. Pandit Ji fixed the day for the ceremony. Required articles were brought there, as per Pandit Ji’s instructions. Mehta Kaalu Ji collected required grains to prepare food for the guests. A goat was brought there to cook the meat. The relatives and other known persons were invited to take part in the ceremony.

On the fixed day, invited Brahmans and Khatris reached to Mehta Kaalu Ji’s house. On the fixed time, Guru Ji was called there in the gathering, so that the ceremony could be performed. Guru Ji came there and sat in this gathering of Brahmans and Khatris.

Pandit Hardyal Ji started to perform his duty as per rituals. After completing necessary rituals, as soon as Pandit Ji tried to put the ‘Janeyoo’ to Guru Ji, Guru Ji said, “O Brahman! Why are you putting this ‘Janeyoo’ to me? What do we get after wearing this thread? O brilliant Brahman! Tell me what is harm not wearing this ‘Janeyoo’?”

Pandit Hardyal Ji already knew that Guru Nanak Dev Ji came into this world to save the humanity. It was a desire since long in the heart of Pandit Ji to get the sermon from the Guru Ji. When Guru Ji asked these questions, this desire rose again in the heart of Pandit Ji. Pandit Ji had known that the time was come, he was waiting for since long period.

Pandit Ji, who knew the greatness of Guru Ji, said, “Putting the ‘Janeyoo’ is the ‘Dharma’ of Brahmans and Khatris. The ‘Dharma’ of Brahmans and Khatris cannot be kept without it.”

Guru Ji replied, “The ‘Dharma’ of Brahmans and Khatris can be kept by wearing the ‘Janeyoo’ or it can be kept by doing good deeds? Those Brahmans and Khatris, who remains indulged in misdeeds, faces the tortures by the messengers of the god of death. Then, tell me what is the use of wearing the ‘Janeyoo’?”

All the Brahmans present there knew that what Guru Ji was saying was perfectly true. All of them remained silent. They were aware that only wearing the ‘Janeyoo’ couldn’t give the salvation. Adi Shankraachaarya, who was a Brahman himself, criticized the ‘Janeyoo’ hundred years ago. The ‘Sanyasis’ had discarded the ‘Janeyoo’ hundred years ago. Everyone will have to render the account of his deeds/misdeeds. The evildoer, even if he wears ‘Janeyoo’, will be punished; and the decent will be rewarded, even if he does not wear ‘Janeyoo’.

Nevertheless, Purohit Hardyal Ji wanted more nectar of Guru’s words. So, he asked, “Which is the ‘Janeyoo’, which does not carry us to hell? Everyone here is eager to listen all this from you. Please give us this knowledge.”

Guru Ji’s reply is written in this ‘Saloka’ of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji :

Dya Kapaah Santokh Soot Jat Gandhhi Sat Vat. Eh Janeyoo Jeey Ka, Hayee Taan Paanden Ghat. Na Eh Tutai, Na Mal Lagai, Na Eh Jalai Na Jaaye. Dhann Su Maanas Naanakaa, Jo Gal Chale Paaye.

“Make compassion the cotton, contentment the thread, modesty the knot, and truth the twist. This is the sacred thread of the soul; if you have it, then go ahead and put it on me. It does not break, it cannot be soiled by filth, and it cannot be burnt, or lost. Blessed are those mortal beings, O Nanak, who wear such a thread around their necks.” (Page 471, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji).

(For more details and explaination, read the Punjabi article: – http://www.amritworld.com/pbi/commentary/bhaagaan_waale/hardyal.pdf).

Purohit Hardyal Ji thought that his prediction was proven true now without any doubt. Only a few persons can understand the glory of Guru Ji. Most of the people are unaware. Purohit Ji thought that he was very lucky that Guru Ji was his host.

Thus, Pandit Hardyal Ji was enlighten by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Pandit Ji was so happy. His wish was fulfilled.

There is another famous ‘Saakhi’ of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Mehta Kaalu Ji gave 20 rupes to Guru Ji and sent him to a city, named ‘Chooharh-kaana’, to purchase profitable articles, so that Guru Ji could sell them in his village. Guru Ji spent all this money to purchase food items for hungry saints, who were sitting in the forest. Guru Ji returned to his village empty handed.

When Mehta Kaalu Ji heard that Guru Ji spent money on saints, he was angered. The history books tell us that Mehta Ji even slapped Guru Ji.

Even Pandit Hardyal Ji had to listen the hot words of Mehta Kaalu Ji. Mehta Ji said sarcastically to Pandit Ji, “This is the holy parasol you put over the head of my son.”

Mehta Kaalu Ji continued to say, “Your astrology was wrong. The ‘Janam Kundli’ made by you was fake one. You lied to us. To get the money from me, you said that Hindus and Muslims would follow him. Today, he squandered money on saint and returned home empty handed.”

This was not the only incident, when Mehta Kaalu Ji made any complaint to Pandit Hardyal Ji. When Guru Ji did not show his interest in agriculter, Mehta Ji especially went to house of Pandit Ji and started to complain.

Dishearten Mehta Kaalu Ji said to Pandit Hardyal Ji, “Either your Vedas and Puranas are wrong, or you are not able to understand them. You predicted that there would be the holy parasol over the head of my son, but he is rather wasting the money already available. Thus, your predictions are proved wrong.”

Pandit Ji replied, “Listen Kaalu! You are totally mistaken. You are always against your son. I have tried to make you understand that your son has come into this world to save the people of this world. He is the person, he preached to me. He will save many people. He seems to me like Vishnu. He is the sea of merits.”

Mehta Ji did not reply, but his anger was not calmed down. He returned to his house silently.

As the ‘Kul-Purohit’, Pandit Hardyal Ji got the opportunity to attend the marriage of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. According to rituals, it was Pandit Hardyal Ji, who recited the ‘Gotraachaar’ for the bridegroom’s side on this historic occasion.

After his marriage, Guru Nanak Dev Ji called Pandit Ji, and said, “Ask for anything, you want to get from me”.

How many people are there, who are invited by the ‘Daata’ (holy donor) himself, so that they could get their desires fulfilled? The treasure of Guru’s grace was now open for Pandit Ji. When the holy donor is ready to give everything, there should not be any hesitation in the mind of seeker. When the holy donor is ready to give everything, a wise person like Pandit Hardyal Ji cannot think to get worthless thing.

Pandit Ji did not ask for gold. He did not ask for silver. The intelligent Pandit Ji said to Guru Ji, “You are the donor to the poor. You let me see as much your glory, as you wanted to. You are the creator of this universe. You are the God. You are the savior. You give the happiness to your devotees. Since you gave me the true ‘Janeyoo’, my mind does not wander here and there. My body is too old. There is no other desire in my mind. Please give me the salvation now.”

When Guru Ji heard these humble words by Pandit Hardyal Ji, he said smilingly, “O brilliant Brahman! Your wisdom is admirable. You have destroyed your ego.”

Pandit Ji was the person, who had destroyed his ego. He was on the path to the God.

Guru Ji said, “O wise! You will get the salvation. You will live in the Sachkhand” (the heaven/salvation).

Guru Ji gave him the money of the Name of the God as well as the worldly money. Pandit Ji got the true knowledge. As a true devotee of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Pandit Hardyal Ji got the priceless pleasure.


Sources: ‘Sri Gur Nanak Prakash’, ‘Janamsakhi Bhai Bala’, ‘Twareekh Guru Khalsa’, ‘Brahman Sikh Itihas’.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Born in Samvat 1711 Bikrami in the city of Sri Keeratpur Sahib Ji, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji was the eighth Guru of Sikhs. He was son of seventh Guru, Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji.

When Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji was the Guru, the King of India, Aurangzeb summoned him to his court. Guru Ji sent his elder son Ram Rai to Aurangzeb’s court. Ram Rai was a child of 10-11 years. He stayed for a long period in Delhi and used to attend the court of the King. By his wisdom, he earned respect for him in the court.

Once, there was a discussion on a line of the Gurbani ‘Mitti Musalmaan Kee‘. Ram Rai was asked to explain why the word ‘Musalmaan’ was used in that line. Instead giving a suitable explanation, Ram Rai replied that the exact word was ‘Be-imaan’, not ‘Musalmaan’. Thus, he made a serious mistake by changing the Gurbani.

When Guru Har Rai Ji heard this, he discarded his son forever.

Before leaving for his divine abode, Guru Har Rai Ji appointed his younger son, Sri Guru Harkrishan Ji the next Guru. Ram Rai was not happy to know this. He indulged himself in conspiracies against Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. In a result, Aurangzeb summoned him to his court in Delhi, the capital city.

However, Guru Ji reached Delhi, but he refused to meet the King Aurangzeb. When Aurangzeb came to know this, he went himself to meet Guru Ji in Guru’s camp. Guru Ji again refused to meet him. Divaan Dargah Mal Ji, a Sikh, had to talk to Aurangzeb. After that, the King returned.

(Guru) Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji, the youngest son of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, reached village ‘Bakaala’ from his long journey. Guru Harkrishan Ji appointed him the next Guru and said to his Sikhs, “Baba Basai Graam Bakaale” (Grandfather lives in village Bakaala). Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji was grandfather (brother of real grandfather) of Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji.

In Samvat 1721 Bikrami, when he was just 8 years old, Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji left for his heavenly abode in Delhi.