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‘Ichhabal De Chanaar Te Noor-Jahan’

Ichhabal De Chanaar Te Noor-Jahan’ is a small, but wonderful Punjabi poem by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji. ‘Ichhabal’ is a lake in Jammu and Kashmir State in India. ‘Chanaar’ is the local name for tree of Platanum Orientalis (Poplar). ‘Noor-Jahan’ (Light of the World) is a personal name. Thus, ‘Ichhabal De Chanaar Te Noor-Jahan’ means ‘Poplars of Ichhabal and Noor-Jahan’.

A beautiful lady comes and touches the poet. Now, the poet, Bhai Vir Singh Ji, shares his emotions in this poem. The true love, the touch of true love is something totally different to ordinary physical intimacy. The excitement of Noorjahan’s touch is different. Other beautiful people are nothing. ‘Noor-Jahan’ is great. ‘Noor-Jahan’ is someone special. ‘Noor-Jahan’ is sacred. ‘Noor-Jahan’ is innocent. ‘Noor-Jahan’ is not merely a ‘thing of beauty’, but a ‘divine being’ who should be worshipped.

Ichhabal De Chanaar Te Noor Jahaan
-Kisey Sundree De Hathh Laun Te-

Tere Jeheeaan Kyee Ver Aa
Hathh Asaan Noon Laaye,
Pyaar Lain Noon Jee Kar Aavey
Uchhaal Kaleja Khaaye, –
Par Oh Pyaar Suyaad Na Vasda
Hor Kisey Hathh Andar,
Noor Jahaan! Jo Chhuh Teree Ne
Saanoon Laad Ladaaye.

(Poet: Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji)

Noor Jahan

‘Akaali Jhandey Di Vaar’

Akaali Jhandey Di Vaar’ is a Punjabi poem written by famous poet (late) Vidhata Singh ‘Teer’. In this poem, the poet glorifies the ‘Khalsa Flag’ (Nishan Sahib), which is called ‘Akaali Jhanda’ also.

Akaali Jhandey Di Vaar

‘Kambdi Kalaayee’

Kambdi Kalaayee‘ is a famous Punjabi poem by Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji. Only a person with mystic experience can understand this mystic poem by this great mystic.

Kambdi Kalaayee