Holocaust education in the Netherlands

(Matthys van Raalten)*

The Holocaust-lessons their primary goal should be that the youth reflects upon what has caused it. The ever-expanding presence of Muslim-youth will create more and more obstacles to honorably commemorating the event.

What the youth should get from it, is that it was the hatred of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, evangelical preachers, communists and others that have put the murder machine in motion.

Thus not: criticism of a religion, denunciation of certain sexual behaviors, criticism of a nomadic way of life, criticism of communism or whatever. None of these, but the propagation of hatred against innocent human beings.

The Muslim youth must learn that whoever finds him- or herself on Dutch territory, should show respect for our tradition of speaking honorably about the Holocaust. And that means, that denial, putting the blame for the event on a Zionist conspiracy or disgustingly cheering that it happened can all lead to exclusion from our community: literally.

* Matthys van Raalten is a conservative political activist from Amsterdam.