Only Ordinary People Suffer From Partition Of Countries

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

“Father, it’s me, your son,” Chae Hee-yang, 65, from the South Korea told Chae Hoon-sik, 88, from the North Korea, as they wept at their first meeting since the younger man was just a year old.

Countries are partitioned by greed of politicians. However, it is the common person, who suffers badly because of partition of his/her country. The partition of Korea is just a one example.

In 1947, Punjab and Bengal were divided by politicians. Millions of innocent people suffered in the region by India-Pakistan partition. In 1971, the same story was repeated, when Pakistan was divided and a new country Bangladesh was formed.

Only ordinary people suffered from separation of families, rapes, abductions, murders, arsons, looting etc during many such partitions. Those, who were responsible for these partitions remained safe during these massacres.

Separatism is not always the only option of our problems. Yet there are people, who are not ready to understand this. They allow themselves to be played in hands of a few selfish politicians.

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