Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji was born in a village called Harike in Ferozepur district of the Punjab. His father’s name was Bhai Phiraaya Ji (mostly known as Bhai Pheru Ji). Guru Ji’s mother name was Bibi Raamo Ji. Originally, Guru Angad Dev Ji’s name was ‘Laihna’. In Samvat 1576 Bikrami, Laihna ji was married to Bibi Khivi ji.

Bhai Laihna Ji (Guru Angad Dev Ji) was father of two daughters, Bibi Amro ji and Bibi Anokhi ji, and two sons, Baba Dasu ji and Baba Datu ji.

Laihna Ji was a devotee of Goddess. He often used to go to Jawaala Ji, a foumous temple of Goddess in India. Once, he went there and sat in company of some saints. There, he heard them talking about Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Laihna Ji decided to meet Guru Nanak Dev Ji. For some reasons, it could not be possible for some time.

Then, Bhai Laihna Ji moved to village ‘Baasar-ke’ and started to live there with his family. It was here in village ‘Baasar-ke’ that Bhai Laihna Ji planned to visit the goddess temple with a group of people. When they reached in the city of Sri Kartarpur Sahib, Bhai Laihna Ji heard that Guru Nanak Dev Ji was present in the city. Bhai Laihna Ji went to meet Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Bhai Laihna Ji obtained the real peace of mind. Next morning, when other people asked Bhai Laihna Ji to go to the goddess temple, he refused to go with them. Other members of his group went to the goddess temple, but Bhai Laihna Ji stayed with Guru Nanak Dev Ji for four days. It was in Sri Kartarpur Sahib that Bhai Laihna Ji saw the goddess doing service in Guru’s house. He became Sikh of Guru Ji. Then, he returned to his village ‘Baasar-ke’.

Next time, when Bhai Laihna Ji went to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he spent nine months in the holy company of Guru Ji. In this period, he was being prepared for a big holy job.

And one day, people saw that Guru Nanak Dev Ji seated Bhai Laihna on the holy throne, put five ‘paise’ and a coconut in front of him and bowed before him. Bhai Laihna got new name, Guru ‘Angad Dev’. He was now the Guru of his people. Both the sons of Guru Nanak Dev Ji created disturbance, but in vain.

After becoming the Guru, Bhai Laihna Ji, who was now Guru Angad Dev Ji, went to Sri Khadoor Sahib, a village in Punjab and started to live there.

Guru Angad Dev Ji left for his heavenly abode in Samvat 1609 Bikrami (1552 AD).