Mainstream Sikh Websites

  1. (“Reflections On Gurbani”) This website is dedicated to deeper Realization of the Gurbani (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, SGGS, the eternal Guru of the Sikhs). Various themes mentioned in the Gurbani are reflected upon through the Gurbani As It Is.
  2. Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee is responsible for management of historic Gurdwaras in Punjab and some other states of India. is official web site of SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee).
  3. Sikh Sewa – Providing The Sikh Experince to the online Sikh Commuinty.
  4. Sikh American Association for Better Tomorrow.
  6. A Guide to the Sikh religion. History of the Sikh Gurus and saints. Information on Sikh gurdwaras. Calendar of Sikh holidays.
  7. Sikh Philosophy Network
    – Connecting people to Sikhism
  8. offers a multitude of free services including the Matrimonials, Jobs, Live Hukamnama, Sikh Electronic Greeting Cards, Radio, Email, Discussion Forum, Polls and free Gurbani CD’s etc.
  9. Malaysian Sikh Youth Organisation (Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia) is a voluntary organisation formed officially in 1967, began with its first Gurmat Camp in 1963, to cater for the social and religious needs of Malaysian Sikh youth. What began as a small regional organisation has become a body with national concerns and links in the spread of the Guru’s Way. In these years, SNSM has successfully become the bloodline of Malaysian Sikh youth. is its official web site.
  11. A website dedicated to Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

3 thoughts on “Mainstream Sikh Websites

  1. Gagandeep SIngh

    Another link, if you’d like. I found it to be a good way to eliminate doubt about taking Amrit and easy to understand if you know Punjabi.

    *[ Eliminating Doubt’s before/after Take Amrit (Katha in Punjabi)]

  2. Aman Singh

    Gurfateh Amrit Ji,

    Its been a long time since we got in touch. You have developed a beautiful website and i would like to congratulate you on this divine endeavor.

    Recently, SPN ( also unleashed a new online url known as (, which from now onwards will be the main website for SPN (though the old url will continue to be here).

    Amrit Ji, may i request you to add a link to in your links section? I have already put a new link to your website here –>

    Link to SPN may look like:

    Sikh Philosophy Network : Connecting people to Sikhism

    Amrit Ji, i look forward to a positive response in direction.

    With warm regards

    Aman Singh
    SPN Administration

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