Fearless Spiritually Wise

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

“One who does not frighten anyone, and who is not afraid of anyone else – says Nanak, listen (O my) mind; call him ‘Gyani‘ (spiritually wise).” (16)
(Guru Granth Sahib Ji, p. 1427).

What a beautiful thought this is! These lines have been taken from ‘Slok Mehla 9, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, p. 1427’. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji, who sacrificed himself for others, wrote these lines.

A gursikh does not frighten anyone. This is the virtue of a brave man. A brave man uses its bravery when needed. A brave man shows his bravery in the battlefield. A brave man shows his bravery to defend the poor and the weak people. A brave man shows his bravery to destroy cruel and bad elements.

A soldier is considered a brave man. He defends his county. He serves his nation. He saves his people. His dress is sacred to him. He is true son of his country. He is there on the border, so enemy does not dare to attack. That is why people show respect for him.

But, we often hear about misdeeds of soldiers of various countries. When an army goes to other country, it does not think itself the defender sometime. Sometime an army from another country becomes cruel to the ordinary people. It kills innocent people. The news of rapes and loot often come to hear.

Army sometime becomes cruel for its people too. History has seen such times, when an army became the ruler of its own country. The army killed its innocent people in many countries.

A soldier is considered a cruel person. He is given such a training, which makes him cruel. He is being paid to kill. Governments spend much money to prepare its army men to kill others without hesitation. A soldier is there to obey his officers. If his officer orders him to kill, he has to kill. No other way. If he does not obey, he has to face the court marshal.

The governments decide to attack other countries. A soldier has to attack. He has to obey. He cannot think whether this order is right or not. He cannot think whether it is against humanity or not. He cannot think whether this attack would kill innocent men, women and children or not. Thought it is obvious that the war kills innocent people in every situation.

Not only an army man kills innocent people. Some other people are there to kill innocent men, women and children. Some other people are there, who love to shed blood for no reason, though they think they are serving their group or religion. They are not any government’s worker, although sometime a few governments support them unofficially. Such persons are called ‘terrorist’.

Who is ‘terrorist’? What is the definition of a ‘terrorist’? Why are they called terrorists?

Who uses ‘terror’ as his weapon, is a ‘terrorist’. They are called ‘terrorists’ because they use ‘terror’ to get their goal, whatever it is.

How the ‘terrorism’ works? A terrorist orders people to do whatever he wants. If he is obeyed then it is okay, otherwise he would punish them. Otherwise he would kill them. Otherwise he would rob them. Otherwise he would not allow them to follow their religions. Otherwise he would attack on their religious places. Otherwise he would kill innocent passengers. Otherwise he would hi-jack aeroplanes. Sometime, a terrorist just makes people afraid. It is possible that he has not any deadly weapon. Even then he gets his job done by a mere threat.

A soldier, who is out of the right way, uses ‘terror’ too. A soldier, who is out of the right way, cannot rule without ‘terror’. He is not elected to any government body. He is not being paid to run a government. Actually, he is supposed to defend his nation and people. But he pretends to be a constitutional authority. To keep himself in power he uses ‘terror’. He says indirectly to people, “Obey me, otherwise you would be sent to jail. Otherwise you would be declared ‘anti-national’. Otherwise You would be hanged.”

Thus, a soldier, who is out of the right way, and a terrorist, both use ‘terror’ as their weapon. What is difference between them? Not any notable difference. First wears a particular dress, second often not. First is paid by the government, second is (often) not. To differentiate them, first is called ‘state terrorist’, second is called just ‘terrorist’.

Both do frighten innocent people. Both are harmful to the humanity. Both use ‘terror’ to get their goal, whatever it is.

But if they do frighten others, they are afraid too. A soldier, who is out of the right way, is afraid of being killed by his own men, who want to take his place. He is afraid of international court of justice. A terrorist is afraid of the police. He is afraid of the state. Even, he is afraid of the people, who can kill him when they would see water running over their heads.

So, it is clear that he, who makes other people afraid, is afraid himself too. If someone frightens others, he has to be afraid of others.

But there is a person, who does not frighten anyone, and who is not afraid of anyone else. He is not an ordinary soldier. He does not use ‘terror’ as his weapon. He does not make other people afraid of him. He cannot be afraid either.

Who is he? Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib Ji calls him “Gyani” (spiritually wise).

Only man, who does not threaten anyone and who is not afraid of anyone else, is ‘Gyani‘ (spiritually wise). It is true. We should try to be ‘Gyani‘, because it is the only way to live secure. Otherwise, no one else can make us feel secure mentally.