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Bring Back Our Girls

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Today is April 14, 2016. Exactly two years ago, on April 14, 2014, a terrorist group Boko Haram abducted 276 school girls, mostly aged between 16 and 18, from a secondary school in Chibok in northeastern Nigeria. About 50 of the girls escaped, but others were remained in captivity.

Most of the 276 girls taken from Chibok on April 14, 2014 were Christian. They are believed to have been forced to convert to Islam by their terrorist captors.

To demand the return of the girls, politicians, celebrities and the public globally united under the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls . The United States of America’s first lady Michelle Obama and Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron were among those, who joined the campaign.

Two years later, the girls are still missing.

Now, a video recording has emerged. CNN has obtained this video in which at least 15 of the kidnapped “Chibok Girls” are shown.

This video clip has proved that some of the kidnapped girls are still alive and in captivity of terrorists.

Kidnapping of 276 school girls from a school in Chibok was not the only incident in Nigeria, where students were kidnapped by Boko Haram. There are reports that about 2,000 girls and boys have been kidnapped by Boko Haram since the beginning of 2014. They could have been used as cooks, sex slaves, fighters and even suicide bombers.

International efforts should be made to rescue all these kidnapped girls and boys. The United Nations should do something concrete in this direction. Watching silently what is happening in Nigeria gives wrong message to terrorists everywhere. It is happening in Nigeria now. It can happen anywhere in the world, if international community does not care about it.

Hungary Govt Takes Hard Stand On Mass Immigration

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Hungary government is the first in the EU to take a hard and clear stand on mass immigration. Prime Minister Viktor Orban is considered one of the EU’s loudest opponents of mass immigration.

Hungary government has closed the main land route for migrants into the EU. It means the government has taken the matter into its own hands to halt Europe’s flood of refugees, ignoring what other European leaders are planning.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that he is acting to save Europe’s Christian values by blocking the main land route used by refugees, mainly Muslims, who travel through the Balkans and cross Hungary to reach generally Germany or Sweden.

Hard stand taken by Hungary will persuade a few other European countries to speak out. Efforts by Germany government to force European Union member states to accept mandatory quotas of refugees have already failed in disagreement. Germany has called for financial penalties against countries that refused to accommodate their share of migrants. This has been taken as a threat by central European countries.

A Czech official has accused Berlin of making empty threats. Slovakia said that such penalties would bring the end of the EU.

Germany says that Europe has a moral duty to accept refugees, while Eastern European countries argue that a more welcoming posture encourages more people to make dangerous journeys, and risks attracting an uncontrolled flood of migrants that would devastate social welfare systems and weaken national cultures.

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Root Cause of Poverty

(Matthys van Raalten)*

I once got to know an owner and director of a Dutch flower company from a village near Aalsmeer, where the largest flower market in the world is.

This man informed me and cautioned me against doing business with Southern Italians. He received many orders for his flowers from Italy, and his rule was, that if the order derived from a place to the south of Rome, he would not accept it. For after lots of bad experience, he had come to the conclusion, that if an Italian company to the north of Rome orders something, they usually properly pay their bills. However if the order came from a company to the south of Rome, in many instances there were problems in getting the invoices paid.

If you look at the economy of Italy, you can also notice the fact, that in the South there is more poverty and the economy in general is not doing very well, and that in the north people are much richer, there is fewer poverty.

There are cultural differences between southern Italy and northern Italy. The difference is not the religion, they are both overwhelmingly Catholic.

The real difference is, that in the North, people are more committed to keeping their agreements. It’s something you can see world wide; the countries where people are more disciplined in keeping among others business agreements, the wealthier they are.
Other people think that corruption and the lack of a well functioning justice system are the main causes of poverty world wide, but I disagree. Not that these things are not relevant at all. But they also stem often from the initial problem of people not keeping their word: a government official who takes bribes breaks his contract with the state, a corrupt judge breaks his oath of impartiality.

* Matthys van Raalten is a conservative political activist from Amsterdam. Follow him on Twitter: ‘Mars Vigila’. His blog: – Mars Vigila.

Hindu ‘Refugees’ in India

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

After two shootings in Copenhagen city in Denmark, Prime minister of Israel Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu is making a $46 million (Indian Rs 276 crores) plan to persuade Jewish people living in Ukraine, France and Belgium to migrate to Israel. He is asking Jews living in these countries to come and permanently settle in Israel.

Netanyahu is a visionary leader. He says, “This wave of attacks is expected to continue. Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home.”

Economy Minister of Israel Mr. Naftali Bennett said, “Israel is always waiting for them. This will never change. Jews can and should have the right to live anywhere, but if there are Jews who are concerned about their future, we are certainly waiting for them.”

I have a high regard for Israeli leadership. They as a matter of fact care for their Jewish people. They are inviting persecuted Jewish people to Israel to permanently settle there, and to help them Israeli government is providing Rs 276 crores. These are the real leaders. I salute them.

Now, take a look at Hindus suffering in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Shri Lanka. Where should they go to save themselves? Many of them have come to India, as they consider India their ‘homeland’. They are waiting for citizenship for many years. Many of them are living in very bad conditions in different parts of India.

There are no special government funds for them. There are no ministers taking care of them. What can these persecuted Hindus get in India? Hindu and Sikh refugees from Pakistan, who came to India in 1947 and settled in Jammu and Kashmir, could not get citizenship rights even after 67 years, what to talk about those Hindus and Sikhs who have come to India in recent years.

Prior to bring Jews living in other countries to Israel, Israeli leaders are making proper plans of Rs 276 crores. They will make plans for this amount, with the intention that Jews migrating to Israel can be helped the moment they enter Israel.

On the other hand, Hindu and Sikh refugees already have come to India for many years (and many more are coming), there are no government funds to help them settle in India.

If Jews living in other countries come to Israel, they will never be called ‘refugees’. They will be honourable citizens of Israel as soon as they enter Israel. When such Jews enter Israel, they receive warm welcome on airport. They do not live in ‘refugee camps’. Instead, they live in their ‘own homes’.

Jews coming to Israel are ‘citizens’ and Hindus/Sikhs coming to India are ‘refugees’. That is the difference. And this is a big difference, very big difference. A ‘refugee’ knows this difference, others perhaps do not.

Jews in European countries and Hindus/ Sikhs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc are facing lots of problems. They have been attacked by brutal fanatics. Their properties have been attacked. They are living in fear. However, such Jewish people have the hope. They have a nation of Israel that takes care of them. They have leaders like Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Bennett, who are always ready to help such persecuted Jewish brothers and sisters.

On the other hand, Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have no such hope. They have no country committed to them.

Their only hope is their Bhagwaan, their Vaheguru (God). May the God Almighty bless these ‘refugee’ Hindus and Sikhs !

Social Welfare in the Netherlands

(Matthys van Raalten)*

European countries are known for their compromise with Socialism: the welfare or “nanny” states they are. It’s just a costly mistake to think that not working should be rewarded and working must be punished with heavy taxation to make that all possible. Let’s have a look how social welfare works in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

A person can get social welfare in the Netherlands in many ways. The payments are all about the same, about 900 Euro per month for a single person. In addition he or she gets money to help in paying costs of rent and costs of health-care. The additional payments for these are about 150 Euro per month. Health care is almost completely covered for a monthly insurance cost of 100 Euro. Every year, people that do not work also get about 600 Euro to go on a holiday.

What are the costs of living for a single person? I have gone through this experience during the past 7 years. I spend 300 Euro on the rent of a small apartment, 200 Euro monthly on simple meals and a beer once in a while. The insurance for health care: as said above, 100 Euro per month. Then there is the bill for electricity, Internet, water and local taxes. They add up for another 150 Euro per month. I spend almost nothing on clothes, because I buy them wisely, so they stay good for a long time, but let’s say they cost me another 30 Euro per month on average. That means my total monthly costs are: about 780 Euro per month. That means I can save or spend on things that I do not really need: more than 300 Euro per month. Isn’t that pretty absurd??

The social welfare system of my country is thus way too costly. American politicians should tell their Dutch counterparts to make the necessary cuts and spend the money on Defense instead. As other European NATO allies, the Netherlands is not spending enough on its Military… just assuming that the United States will take care of all the security needs of the world for them.

* Matthys van Raalten is a conservative political activist from Amsterdam. Follow him on Twitter: ‘Mars Vigila’. His blog: – Mars Vigila.

Encourage Marriages Among Pakistani, Afghanistani And Indian Hindus/Sikhs

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Many Pakistani and Afghanistani Hindus and Sikhs want to immigrate permanently to India. Many Indians are seen inciting Pakistani as well as Afghanistani Hindus/Sikhs to immigrate to India, though they are incapable to understand ground realities of immigration. Practically, Pakistani and Afghanistani Hindus and Sikhs are finding it difficult to settle permanently in India. That is why many Pakistani Hindus, who came to India, in due course went back to Pakistan. A few others left for western countries.

Thousands of Hindus and Sikhs were migrated from Pakistan to Indian Kashmir in 1947. Even after 67 years, they are not given basic citizenship of State of Jammu and Kashmir. They cannot vote for the state Assembly and local bodies’ elections but they are allowed to vote in Indian Parliament elections.

Those Hindus and Sikhs, who migrated from Mirpur and other areas of Pakistan occupied Kashmir to Indian Kashmir, have not given their due claims of final settlement even after 67 years. It is so easy for some Indian Hindus and Sikhs to incite Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs to migrate to India, but they never talk about these final settlements.

However, I have a suggestion for Indian Hindus and Sikhs, if they want to do something for the betterment of Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Hundreds of Pakistani Muslims are married to Indian Muslims. These matrimonial relations across the border are helpful to create pleasant and friendly relations between people of two countries. If there are strong people-to-people relations between two countries, it is beneficial for both the countries.

There are rare cases of cross-border marriages between Indian and Pakistani Hindus. Hindus and Sikhs should encourage matrimonial alliance between Indian, Afghanistani and Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs. By doing so, many Pakistani and Afghanistani Hindu/Sikh girls can easily be immigrated to India. This will be a slow but very effective process. Such marriages will bring Indian, Afghanistani and Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs close to one another. At present, it seems there is lack of coordination between Pakistani, Afghanistani and Indian Hindus/Sikhs.

Such marriages between Indian and Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs will help reduce tension between the two countries, which is generally caused by politicians.

Cross-border marriages between Indian, Afghanistani and Pakistani Hindus/Sikhs are possible in Punjabi, Kashmiri, and Sindhi as well as other cultural sub-communities.

Indian, Afghanistani, and Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs should think over this option.

Human Sacrifice In India

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully inserted its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also called Mangalyaan into Mars orbit on 24 September 2014. After two days of successful Mars Orbiter Mission, a seven-year-old boy’s tongue was slit and he was killed in an alleged case of human sacrifice in Odisha state’s Balangir district, India on 26 September 2014. (Alleged Human Sacrifice In Odisha, India)

Only two days ago, in Himachal Pradesh state in India the High court refused to lift ban on animal and bird sacrifices in temple. This order by the High Court is being appreciated by many people, though traditionalists are preparing to make appeal in the Supreme Court against this verdict of Himachal’s High Court.

In case of human sacrifice in Odisha state’s Balangir district, the Police arrested Bankane Behera and Hrushikesh Dash and two other persons. Dash was a tantrik (black magician). The police say that Bankae Behera has confessed to having killed the child in order to ward off evil powers. He was suggested by a tantrik to sacrifice a child to get rid of evil power on him.

The practice of human sacrifice is not new in India.

We find a story of Shunashepa in famous Indian epic ‘Ramayana’. According to this story, King Ambarisha undertook a religious ritual, but Indra impounded the horse which was to be sacrificed.

The Brahman performing the ritual for King Ambarisha said to King, “Oh, king, the animal you have fetched for the ritual has gone astray owing to your incautiousness. Oh, king, unguarded items of the ritual will themselves become destructive blemishes for that king who is performing the ritual. Oh, the best man among men, you have to make great amends for the loss of animal as that animal alone which was intended but now missing shall be used in ritual. Or, a man may be fetched as ritual-animal, and only after that the deeds of the ritual can be continued.”

So, King Ambarisha now needed a human being to be sacrificed. He went to Sage Richika and bought his son Shunashepa.

When King Ambrisha was going back to his city taking Shunashepa with him, he stopped to take rest at noontime on the lakeside of a lake. There Shunashepa saw his maternal uncle Sage Vishvamitra. Shunashepa became pitiable and sulky faced by strain and fell in the lap of saint Vishvamitra.

Shunashepa said to his uncle Sage Vishvamitra, “I have no mother or a father to save me. Then wherefore cousins or relatives will be there to protect me. Oh, peaceable saint the eminent, it will be apt of you to protect me according to saintliness. Oh, illustrious sage, you alone are the saviour to each and every one, isn’t it! You alone are the guardian angel, isn’t it! Hence, let the purpose of the king Ambarisha be achieved, and let longevity come to me, and I on becoming imperishable and indeed on performing an unexcelled ascesis, I wish to enjoy in heavenly worlds. You shall be my providence with a providential sentiment as I stand unprotected, and oh, virtue souled one, it will be apt of you to protect me from misfortune, like a father protecting his own son.”

The Ramayana tells us that Sage Vishvamitra said to Shunashepa, “’When you are fastened with sacred fastener to the sacrificial post of Vishnu, smeared with red paste and garlanded with red garlands, you praisefully address the Fire-god with the words I going to impart to you in Vedic hymns. These two divine hymns, oh, son of saint, shall be chanted in the Vedic-ritual of Ambarisha, then you will obtain your aspiration.”

Thus Vishvamitra taught two hymns to the boy.

Shunashepa having taken those two hymns from Vishvamitra went to king Ambarisha and said, “Oh, king the lion, let us go promptly to your ritual place, oh, best king, you may apply yourself to your pledge in completing the ritual, with me as its sacrificial animal,’ thus the boy said. On listening that sentence of the son of sage, the king Ambariisha is gladdened and proceeded to the ritual hall immediately and spiritedly. The king with the permission of officiators of ritual got the boy prepared as a ritual animal with sanctified bodily features and clad him in red clothes and got him securely fastened to the sacrificial post.

The Ramayana says that when Shunashepa was tied to ritual post, he immensely pleased two gods, namely Indra and Upendra (Vishnu) as well, with those two hymns he got from Vishvamitra. Indra was pleased with this and he bestowed longevity to Shunashepa.

(For details, please see ‘Sarga’ 61 and 62, Bala Kaand of Valmiki Ramayana).

Thus, the ritual of human sacrifice is not a new concept in India.

The alleged case of human sacrifice in Odisha state’s Balangir district, India on 26 September 2014 is not the only case of our times. Several cases of human sacrifice are reported by newspapers. For example, read these news items: –

Woman killed in human sacrifice ritual in Nalasopara, 6 arrested

4 sentenced to death in human sacrifice case

Mars Orbiter Mission (Mangalyaan) orbiting Mars does not mean that India has done away with stupid superstitious belief of human as well as animal sacrifices.

Holocaust education in the Netherlands

(Matthys van Raalten)*

The Holocaust-lessons their primary goal should be that the youth reflects upon what has caused it. The ever-expanding presence of Muslim-youth will create more and more obstacles to honorably commemorating the event.

What the youth should get from it, is that it was the hatred of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, evangelical preachers, communists and others that have put the murder machine in motion.

Thus not: criticism of a religion, denunciation of certain sexual behaviors, criticism of a nomadic way of life, criticism of communism or whatever. None of these, but the propagation of hatred against innocent human beings.

The Muslim youth must learn that whoever finds him- or herself on Dutch territory, should show respect for our tradition of speaking honorably about the Holocaust. And that means, that denial, putting the blame for the event on a Zionist conspiracy or disgustingly cheering that it happened can all lead to exclusion from our community: literally.

* Matthys van Raalten is a conservative political activist from Amsterdam. Follow him on Twitter: ‘Mars Vigila’. His blog: – Mars Vigila.

Sikhs Abroad Should Engage In More Social Activities

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

Many people in the West still do not know that Sikhs are not Muslims or Arabs. They are being attacked, because their attackers by mistake believe that they (Sikhs) are Muslims. So, basically these are cases of mistaken identity.

Despite their so small population in the West, Sikhs involve themselves in social service. These social service activities by Sikhs are selfless. More and more Sikhs should engage themselves in social work on a large scale. It is their religious duty to be engaged in social work. It will also help people know who Sikhs are. Never forget that Sikh Gurus were involved in social service and that too on a large scale.

Sikhs are known for military services. They are highly appreciated in Indian Army. Many Sikhs took part in the world war and stories of their bravery are still known to many in the West. However, only a few Sikhs join army in Western countries presently. More Sikhs need to join army and police etc.

At present, the western civilisation, culture, and languages are in danger. Sikhs in the western countries are westerns. They should engage themselves in western cultural activities as well. A few Sikhs are doing all this, but more is required in these fields.

We, Sikhs in India, always pray for Sikhs abroad.

Stay in high spirits…


ਸਮਾਧੀ ਬਾਰੇ (ਈ-ਬੁੱਕ) Samaadhi Baare (e-book in Punjabi)

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