Punjabi Learning

Question : – To introduce myself I am Satish from Bangalore. I am a commerce graduate and I was working for IBM Daksh BPO and currently searching for job. While working I met and made friends with couple of Sardars and I am very much interested to learn the language so that I can communicate with them more freely and also I love the language. In fact, when I expressed my interest to learn the language my friend started teaching me and I began to speak a few sentences.

After leaving the job I could not continue to learn the language because I could not meet them every day.

I would want to know whether you or some one else would help me learn the language.

Answer : – The Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi language, Literature and Culture, Punjabi University, Patiala has developed a wonderful website for Punjabi learning.

Their website is: www.AdvancedCentrePunjabi.org (Opens in a new window).

Please go to: www.AdvancedCentrePunjabi.org/intro1.asp (Opens in a new window) and start learning Punjabi from today. This is a multimedia website, so make sure you have installed flash player and attached speakers etc to your computer. For example, on page www.AdvancedCentrePunjabi.org/keyboard1.html# (Opens in a new window) they tell how a consonant is written and pronounced (you can hear the voice as well).