Later Khiljis

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit)


Malik Kafur became to powerful that even the King Ala-ud-Din was merely a puppet in his hands. When Ala-ud-Din died, Malik Kafur placed Shahab-ud-Din Omar on the throne and himself the regent. Shahab-ud-Din was a son of Ala-ud-Din. He was just six years old. Now again, Malik Kafur was the most powerful man in the Kingdom.

Many princes of the royal blood were executed by orders of Malik Kafur. Khizar Khan and Shadi Khan, sons of Ala-ud-Din, were blinded. Mubarak Shah was made prisoner, but he succeeded in escaping.

After only thirty-six days after the death of Ala-ud-Din Khilji, Malik Kafur was killed with some of his associates.

Now, Mubarak Shah, another son of Ala-ud-Din was appointed the regent of the King Shahab-ud-Din, a six years old child. After 64 days, Shahab-ud-Din was killed and Mubarak Shah became the king. Some historians say that Shahab-ud-Din was blinded.

Mubarak Shah

After becoming the king, Mubarak Shah attended to nothing, but drinking, listening to music, merry-making, and distributing gifts. He came under the influence of Hasan who was originally a Hindu shepherd but was converted into Islam. He was raised to the position of Prime Minister and given the title of Khusro.

King Mubarak Shah allowed Khusro to have a separate cavalry of his own, 40,000 strong. Khusro used to live inside the palace.

On the night of April 14, 1320, the troops of Khusro entered the palace. Khusro himself caught hold of Mubarak Shah by the hair and one of his followers stabbed him to death. The head of Mubark Shah was cut off and thrown into the courtyard.

Nasir-ud-Din Khusro Shah

After killing Mubarak Shah, Khusro Shah became the king on April 15, 1320. He took up the title of Nasir-ud-Din Khusro Shah.

Many Turkish nobles were against to the Indian Muslims being in charge of the administration of the country. Ghazi Malik, the governor of the Punjab became the leader of these Turkish. Ghazi Malik marched and reached near Delhi. Khusro Shah himself fought. On September 5, 1320, he was killed in the battlefield. He could rule only for a few months.

Thus, the Khilji Dynasty came to an end.