Successors of Firoz Shah Tughluq

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit)

After the death of Firoz Shah Tughluq, there were six kings of this dynasty from 1388 to 1412: –

  1. Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq Shah second (1388 A.D.)
  2. Abu-Bakar (1389 to 1390)
  3. Mohammad Second (1390 to 1394)
  4. Sikandar (1394)
  5. Mahmud and Nasrat (1394 to 1398)
  6. Mahmud (1398 to 1412)

After the death of Firoz, Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq Shah second became the King. He was a grand son of Firoz. Ghiyas-ud-Din Tughluq Shah second was killed. Then, Abu Bakar Shah became the King on February 19, 1989.

A conspiracy was hatched against Abu Bakar and when he came to know of it, he retired to Meerat.

Now, Nasir-ud-Din Mohammad became the King on August 13, 1390. Nasir-ud-Din Mohammad made Abu Bakar a prisoner and sent him to Meerat, where he died soon afterwards.

Nasir-ud-Din Mohammad died on January 20, 1394.
On January 22, 1394, his son became the King under the title of Ala-ud-Din Sikandar Shah. He fell sick immediately after his accession and died on March 8, 1394.

Then, Prince Mahmud, the youngest son of Nasir-ud-Din Mohammad became the King and took up the title of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Tughluq.

Some of the chiefs put forward Nusrat Khan, a grandson of Firoz Shah Tughluq, as a rival claimant to the throne. Thus, the two Kings arrayed in hostile camps and the crown was tossed to and fro like a shuttlecock between the contending factions.

Towards the end of the year 1397, the news came that the army of Timur had crossed the Indus and laid siege to Uchch.

In 1398, Nusrat was kicked out of Delhi.

In 1398, Amir Timur-e-Lang invaded India. After the departure of Timur, Nusrat Shah occupied Delhi, but he was driven out.

Timur completed the dissolution of the Tughluq Dynasty, the vitality of which had already been sapped by internal cankers.

In February 1413, Mahmud Shah died at Kaithal. After his death, the nobles transferred their allegiance to Daulat Khan Lodhi, the military governor of the Doab. In March 1414, Khizar Khan besieged Daulat Khan in Siri with an army of 60,000 horses. Daulat Khan held out for four months and then surrendered. Khizar Khan entered Delhi as its sovereign on May 28, 1414 and founded the Sayyid Dynasty.

Thus, the Tughluq Dynasty came to an end.