Gurdwara Sri Manak Tabra Sahib

Manak Tabra is a village near old town of Raipur Rani in the state of Haryana, India.

Guru Gobind Rai Ji (old name of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, also Guru Gobind Das) won the battle of Bhangani in 1688. When he, along with many Sikhs was returning to the city of Sri Anandpur Sahib Ji, he reached Manak Tabra via Laharhgarh and Toka Sahib. In those days, village Manak Tabra was a part of a small state of Ramgarh.

When the local ruler learnt that Guru Gobind Rai Ji had come in Manak Tabra, he visited the Guru and presented a horse, a sword and lots of cash. The pleased Guru gave his ‘Pesh-Kabaz’ (a weapon) to the local ruler and said that his descendents would rule until they keep the ‘Pesh-Kabaz’ with a respectful manner.

In Manak Tabra, Guru Gobind Singh stayed for two nights, where people of nearby villages served and got blessed by the holy Guru. From here, Guru Ji left for Raipur of Rani (Queen’s Raipur).

A Gurdwara is built in the holy memory of the holy Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Presently this Gurdwara is known as ‘Gurdwara Manak Tabra Sahib, Patshaahi 10’. Previously it was known as ‘Gurdwara Sri Guruaana Sahib’. A local management committee takes care of Gurdwara’s affairs. Arrangements for ‘Guru Ka Langar’ (community kitchen) are made.

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  1. Amrit Post author

    Sat Sri Akaal Ji,

    From Gurgaon, Panipat => Yamunanagar => Jagadhari => Sadhaura => Narayangarh. From Ambedkar Chowk of Narayangarh, a link road goes to Sri Toka Sahib. It is about 10/11 Kilometers from Narayangarh.

    From Narayangarh => Raipur Rani. A link road connects Manak Tabra to Raipur Rani. Also visit Quila of Raipur Rani, where a Gurdwara Sahib of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is situated. There are more Gurdwaras in this region. We will be giving information on these Gurdwaras in coming weeks.

    I hope it helps.


  2. Swaranjit Singh

    Satshri akaal

    Please give the loction of the Gurdwara Sri Toka Shabi Ji and Gurdwara Sri Manak Tabra Sahib from Gurgaon

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