Projects (Amrit World Community)


  1. ‘Sri Hazoori Maryada Prabodh’ – Ik Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  2. ‘Rahatnama Bhai Chaupa Singh’ – Ik Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  3. Nihang (Punjabi)
  4. Sanatan Sikhi – Aalochnaatmak Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  5. ‘Sri Gur Sobha’ – Ik Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  6. ‘Gur Bilaas Paatshaahi 10’ – Ik Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  7. Sikh Rahataan – Ik Adhiyain (Punjabi)
  8. ‘Se Jan Sachche Parvaan’ (Short description of Sikhs – 1469 to 1708) (Punjabi)
  9. Compilation of short articles written by late. Giani Nanak Singh Ji (Punjabi)
  10. Introduction To Guruism (for children) (English)
  11. ‘Sakhis’ For Children (English)
  12. Muslim Rule In India (English)

5 thoughts on “Projects (Amrit World Community)

  1. Satnam Singh UK

    With educational tours’ project, has entered into a new field. With well researched articles, changes views of many ignorant people like myself. I hope that same will be done by your educational tours.

  2. Diljit Sandhu

    yeah your tours look like a picnic tour but pictures in which you are giving lectures show its serious aspect too. there is no problem with children but children are good with separate tour. also bring video of these tours online. your pictures show that video was made.

    D sandhu

  3. Gurmeet Virdi

    Respected Vir Amrit Ji, I am very much impressed by your great work. Your work is great because it is unique if compared with other Sikh websites. It is great because other websites are not doing such research work. It is great because still you always show your humbleness.

    Your latest project (Educational Tours) is another good effort by yourself. I think we need to show our people (children, youth and elders) what our Gurus did for us and where. However, I have a suggestion for yourself. While watching pictures of your educational tours, it seems you are equally interested in children, youth and elderly people to teach our history. But, tours for children, youth and elders should be organized separately. Children, especially small children always destroy seriousness of such great tours. When children and their mothers are involved in such a serious tour, they turn it into a PICNIC tour. I suggest that you should organize separate tour for children. Similarly, there should be separate tour for youth. Another separate tour can be organized for elderly persons.

    Best wishes,

    Gurmeet Virdi

  4. bob

    Your projects are really great. I hope you will complete all of your projects. It is a great service to the Khalsa Panth.

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