Gurdwara Patshahi 10, Quila of Raipur Rani

(Amrit Pal Singh ‘Amrit’)

When the 10th Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Rai Sahib Ji (Guru Gobind Singh Ji) was returning to the city of Sri Anandpur Sahib after winning the battle of Bhangani (near Paunta Sahib), he reached Raipur.

Raja Fateh Singh was the ruler of Raipur. Frightened Raja closed down doors of his fort. When Guru Ji came to know this, he advanced towards village ‘Manak Tabra’ and stayed there.

Later, when the Rani (Queen) of Raipur (wife of Raja Fateh Singh) came to know that his husband did not allow Guru Ji to stay there in Raipur, she went towards Manak Tabra. The Rani (Queen) met with Guru Ji and put her head on his holy feet. She requested him to visit Raipur. She said she wanted her son to be blessed by the Guru.

When Guru Ji saw her devotion, he along with his Sikhs visited Raipur. Guru Ji and Sikhs stayed in Queen’s garden. (Now that garden does not exist). Rani (Queen) made every arrangement to serve the Guru, women in Guru’s family and Sikhs.

Next day, she requested Guru Gobind Rai Sahib Ji to visit the fort. Guru Ji along with Bhai Dya Ram Purohit Ji, Bhai Mahari Chand Ji, Bhai Ganga Ram Ji, Bhai Gulab Chand Ji, Bhai Nand Chand Ji and a few other Sikhs reached the fort. Rani (Queen) received Guru Ji on the main door of. She touched his son’s head to Guru Ji’s feet.

Guru Ji entered the fort. Rani (Queen) placed a sandal ‘Chowki’ under a tree and Guru Ji sat on this sandal chowki. She served the Guru with tasty food etc.

According to ‘Twareekh Guru Khalsa’ written by Giani Gian Singh, the Rani (Queen) wished that if Guru Ji was really the son of Akal Purakh, he would emerge as Lord Vishnu. Guru Ji appeared as Lord Vishnu and thus Queen’s wish was fulfilled by the inner-knower Guru.

Rani (Queen) gave a horse and lots of cash as her offering to Guru Ji. She gave clothes and dresses to women of Guru’s house. The kindhearted Guru Ji gave a sword and a shield to her son and a ‘Pothi’ (book) of Gurbani to Rani (Queen). Guru Ji asked them to pay respect to the ‘Pothi’ and Guru’s weapons.

By Guru Ji’s words, Raipur became famous as ‘Rani Ka Raipur’ or ‘Raipur Rani’ (Raipur of Queen).

Rani (Queen) constructed a platform where Guru Ji sat on a sandal chowki under a tree. The historic tree and the platform still exist. A small room is constructed on this holy platform.

I visited the historic fort of Raipur Rani for many times. (On different occasions, my students and team members Gurpreet Singh Sandy, Gurpreet Singh Raju, Yadwinder Singh, Jatinder Singh JD, Sarjit Singh, Harpreet Singh and Bhupinder Singh etc joined me). I feel delighted and blessed when I touch my sinful head to the holy platform, the very place, where my beloved Guru once sat and fulfilled wishes of the lucky Rani (Queen) (though we do not know her name). A small room of this fort is now a Gurdwara. The main room is still unchanged, though a small verandah is constructed recently.

The original fort of Raipur Rani still exists. No modifications have been made. The historic tree is still standing there, reciting the name of my Guru. I touch this tree and feel blessed, because my Guru once sat under it. The platform (where Queen placed the sandal chowki and where my Guru sat and accepted food offered by the lucky Queen) is able to make us cry in ‘Vismaad’.

The decedents of Rani (Queen) and Raja Fateh Singh live in Chandigarh. They still own the fort, thus the holy place where Guru Ji sat is their personal property. There is no restrictions and everyone can visit and pay respect to Guru Ji. and its members are sentimentally very much attached with this Guru’s place. We very humbly make appeal to everyone to visit this place at least once. The major part of fort, Gurdwara Sahib, platform and the historic tree are still unchanged and exist as they were during my Guru’s visit. Who knows what will happen if this place is given to any ‘Kar Seva’ people???

Raipur Rani is situated on Chandigarh-Nahan Road (Ramgarh-Narayangarh Road) in Haryana state in India.